World map (starting free flight without)

I would prefer to use sim brief to enter DEP and ARR airport info as well as waypoints SID/STARS etc. Is there a way to start a free flight without using the world map? THX

Sure, that’s how I fly all the time. On the world map screen pick your departure airport and either runway or parking spot load your plane and then use plane GPS to plan out your flight. Or if you’re flying vor to vor take off and use the radios to navigate. No different really from Xplane or P3D in that respect. If you’re looking for simbrief import features I think working title G1000 nxi and working title G3000 support that natively from simbrief Working Title CJ4 has that feature as well and for the defaults you need to export simbrief plan into a proper directory for it to get picked up.

And a web page where the sid and stars of the flight appear and also the take-off and landing strip? Because in most flight reports the departure and arrival runways do not appear.

Many THX for some reason I never considered doing that>

Simbrief gives you sids and stars. For more realism you could actually use Pilot2ATC that will give you STAR and approach enroute so you are taking off without knowing your final approach routing, makes it more fun. And VFR you could just use fltplango sectionals and have ingame ATC and assist gates to give you vectors to runway.

Thank you very much, I have tried it and it is exactly what I wanted, to give me the take-off and landing strip.