World map zooms in too much, can't select gate, not the SID issue

Recently when I select an airport in the world map MSFS zooms in to maximun zoom and often misses the airport altogether. I can zoom out using the mouse wheel but as soon as I release the wheel it zooms in to the max again. In this state I can not select a gate on the map although I can still select one on the drop down menu. The num + - button has no effect. It seems I have something stuck but I can’t work out what it is.
Any help much appreciated.

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I now have the exactly same issue. Have you solved the problem?

Yes but it is a bit embarrassing.
I have an xbox controller that I use when using the drone camera. It actually was buried in a pile of stuff on my desk as I don’t use it often. The stuff was forcing the control into zoom mode.

I now leave the xbox controller disconnected except when I am using it.

Let me know if your problem is the same (just curious).