World Scale Option Keeps Reverting to 100

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World scale option keeps reverting back to 100 after you set it to other value and exit the sim.

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Set it to 95 or any other value. Stop the session and exit the sim. Fire up the sim and check the setting.

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Both Dx11 and 12

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Doesn’t matter.

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Can confirm this happens to me also

Same with me

Sorry for question, but where is this World Scale option? Only in Beta 10th?

Yes, this is the beta forum :wink:

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Nice feature, so can I use it for scale of cockpit for example in VR?

Yeap same problem with it saving while in a session, but not remembering the setting upon restart. Not the end of the world to set it each time, but I’d prefer it to save and keep my setting like any other setting.

Same here, I’ve noticed it’s not in the usercfg file and don’t know the correct way to add it to try and get it to save.

It’s a bug, we shouldn’t need to do anything apart for wait for a fix in the next beta patch.

Someone can reply me? I havent a beta … thx!

Yes it’s for VR scaling of the cockpit and world. Only available in beta at the moment. You should either roll into beta or wait for public release.

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Great! Thank You for reply! So the second question, is it possible to set up the scale for each own aircraft separately or there is only the one, global option for scale?

Some addons (like from Milviz for example) has good scale inside of cockpit, some has problem and we feel like a giant with too big head.

The best option is separately scale for each addon according me.

I am afraid it affects all aircraft so there’s no option to set it separately for each aircraft. :frowning:

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Moved to #bugs-and-issues:virtual-reality. Fix currently slated for next major release.

Why was this thread moved, which was fixed during Beta, but other bugs not fixed during Beta have not moved here? This is confusing.