World Tour group?

Anyone interested in getting together as a group to plan and fly some sort of GA/VFR world tour?

Was thinking we could setup a site with proposed plans/destinations, track and / or blog progress etc.

If anyone is interested, or if anyone has something similar, I’d be interested to know.



Interested, what timezone you in?

Hey I’m UK based so currently UTC+1

My idea was to make it more of shared plan / experience record, so that timezones/flying online together wouldn’t be an issue. I.e people may be at a different point on the tour or fly at different times, but we’d all be following the same routes, just at different stages.

I’m in! I’ve done two VRF world tours in the past. They can take months !

I have a group that is currently working our way south in CST. We just entered Guatemala, and going south.

OR . . .
Look for Foot and Mouth in the MSFS Discord and his WORLD TOUR or his Amelia Earhart Tour. He is in England.
If you like COPTERS, these guys are doing a World Tour in HPG145s