WORLD TOUR - Piper Arrow Turbo III

Brand new Piper Arrow Turbo III with Custom Livery waiting at KOPF (my home FBO).


First stop, Gainesville Regional, FL (KGNV) after a touch and go at KORL - Terrible weather, but made it safely just before the fog closed in.

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Fueling at Columbia Metropolitan (KCAE) SC. Nice short afternoon flight. Ready to fuel for the next leg.

4th leg into Durham, NC - Hobbs meter shows 6.6 hrs, so far I have flown a total of 6:05 hrs and I have bought 77 gallons of fuel at $364 total cost. No other maintenance fees.

I’m using the same livery, it’s beautiful, but I wanted my own reg number on it so I redid it with my own. Sure wish livery makes would post them at least with the option to include or leave out the reg number.


Yeah. I asked the guy on to paint it for me and I sent him pics of a real world aircraft and the registration is my AC registration. So you will be able to see a plane with that livery and that registration flying IRL somewhere in the US.

Agree is beautiful. Enjoy it!

Great trip so far. I am doing a turbo iii persistent leg flight myself - started in western South Dakota and have moved up to Billings, MT tonight. Loving this plane.

Leg #5: Raleigh-Durham International KRDU - Martin State KMTN.

Great Morning weather on takeoff and incredible 35Knts tailwind which made for a faster flight. Extremely bumpy at 7500’. The initial plan was to do a touch an go in Richmond International KRIC, but the airport was IFR, so I skipped it and flew directly to my destination. Total flight time was less than 2hrs and I used 20 gallons of fuel. Next flight will try the recorder, so I can get better action


And this is my flight plan with the weight and balance information

From here on I will start to increase the flight distance and hopefully get to Canada so I can cross the Atlantic before is too cold.