World Update 13?

With all the previous world updates, this place was buzzing. Very little on WU 13. Is it still happening today?

Yes, probably in less than an hour


Strange how the forums are so quiet this time! :thinking:

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Less than an hour as usual?
Or less than an hour as with New Zealand?

There’s lots of hype for the ATR on reddit:

usually world and sim updates drop around 11 EDT (15z) but IIRC the most recent world update dropped later in the day than that; no guarantees.

from the msfs discord:


Has there been any info released on WU13? Like, e.g., what photogrammetry cities are included?

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I think we are allowed to be excited now. Looking forward to the ATR :slight_smile:

Click on the TOC: World Update 13: Oceania


I can only speak of my own assumptions but typically the most exciting WU’s or most discussed one’s are either WU locations that have a lot of players (which this WU doesn’t really have) or places that people fly a lot. I do like that the WU’s get me/others flying places they perhaps wouldn’t normally but still, certain places are just less wanted then others.

Whilst I’m looking forward to this WU. I’m not really anywhere near as excited as many past one’s as i don’t fly around these places often & one of the best parts of these WU’s in the photogrammetry cities are, in this case, a total mystery as to how many or even if any are part of this WU. Normally we already know by now how many we’re getting.

An update to North or South America, the UK, or Europe would have much more discussion. I’m certainly very happy to get updates to other area’s like todays though, as I’m sure most are.


I’ve always thought island hopping in Hawaii is great for a 60-90 minute session but the scenery textures have always been really underwhelming. Fingers crossed they were able to get the Hawaii photogrammetry included in WU13; from that dev stream it sounded iffy.


Just looking forward to reviews on Hawaii.


Massive area. Time to break out the F-22 and go exploring at Mach 2.5.


Update out?

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Update is out now in the UK.
467MB on the first screen, 970MB once starting up. (Premium/MS store)

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