World Update 29.09.2020

I find it incredibly amazing that Microsoft is providing these updates are for free. Thank you!


Merci, c’est trés beau. Mais il serait bien mieux de corriger les problèmes de CTD qui empêchent de voler “totalement” avec FS2020, surtout si le simulateur est dans une autre langue que US. Et au lieu d’attendre des semaines un patch sortir des Hotfix rapidement !!! A 120€ c’est un minimum pour que vos clients soient satisfait avant qu’ils ne le boudent totalement et reviennent sur la concurrence

Thank you, it’s very beautiful. But it would be much better to correct the CTD problems which prevent you from flying “totally” with FS2020, especially if the simulator is in a language other than US. And instead of waiting weeks for a patch to come out of the Hotfix quickly !!! At 120 € it is a minimum so that your customers are satisfied before they totally shun it and come back to the competition




I hope it not a must to download the update because I personally am tired of all the updates I haven’t even finished the last one and theres another one coming on 29 I just hope I don’t have to update to play online

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What I want to know is: Will the Japanese get their own forum or will they have to visit this one. Because of their culture, they are very polite people. Hope this forum does not give them a culture-shock. The use on web translators could also result in some very interesting posts.
And when are MS/Asobos going to launch the title in China and Korea? LOL. Love to see the sceneries for that.

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LOL Right! I have friends in Taiwan and as much as we do have a couple of landmarks for Taipei the 101 Tower is M.I.A. Certainly a key landmark but probably a victim of “permission to use”.

Maybe that is related to their partnership with Tomtom… and they are showing off in MSFS first before integrating into Bing.


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TomTom doesn’t do photogrammetry, they have world-wide street map data (from Tele Atlas) and live traffic info. The road network will be more accurate but I doubt it will do anything for aerial images. TomTom does have land use data and certain landmarks but don’t do any real 3D cities. Forest, rivers and roads will be improved.

It would be funny when live traffic jams make it into the game. Check out your commute by virtual plane first.

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Totally agree with correcting the problems first. I guess all they know is scenery?

They are a Really Very Large™ team, made up of (many) sub-teams. From their latest dev update they allude to this. Am sure they are following CI/CD methodology. There is a dedicated scenery / photogrammetry (World?) team. A dedicated SDK team. Likely then, teams for Marketplace, Azure, for aircraft modeling / systems (could be 2 teams for aircraft) Then there are the partners working on Weather, Navdata…! All of this during an unprecedented real world trouble! They have said they are committed to updating and supporting this for years to come. This is a massive project, let’s look forward!


What about all the other missing airports in Japan from this thread?

While what they will deliver seems looks stunning and will be really cool, in a different way this announcement is bad news. The hope was that the World Updates would be how the missing airports would be added, but this World Update is a) covering just a country, not a region of the world, and b) not adding all the missing airports in even that country. It adds a small number of handcrafted airports, but it doesn’t add the large number of simpler airports that are missing.

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ASOBO already added some airports in last patch 1.8.3, but they don’t say anything. For example in Costa Rica add the airport MRQP and MRLC, and in Panama MPTO.


Really? Wow, I didn’t know that.

Thanks for the info.

I am sorry, but those airports were not added to the sim in the latest patch.



Thanks for the screenshots. Those airports don’t appear in my sim. Does anyone know how to “reload” the scenery so I can have them available!

When I updated my sim, I moved out all my addons and I reset the manual and rolling cache… I don’t know if that has any effect on the new sceneries.

Thanks! However, they didn’t appear despite I deleted both the manual and the rolling caches. Any ideas on how to solve this?

That is common practice in the software world…
It’s not MS specific but I agree with you that it’s a great habbit!

If free content of this scale is common practice in the software world, then I must be living in a different world.

I am also disappointed that Tocumen and other airports are not yet in the Sim, you can upvote the request here.

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