World update 3: UK

Under which category? Most boxes of tissues used?

Seriously…you guys wanted Q&A with the patches. So let the devs do what they do. The patch will be released when it’s ready. And if it’s released with more game breaking bugs, then start another thread like this one.


Today update feels like getting a massage from a bear using sandpaper

They could have done so much better to make everyone happier


Well, if it’s not now it definitely will be when the update finally drops whenever that really will be :slightly_smiling_face:


Do different? Not a lot from my point of view. I saw there wasn’t an update so went on to fly around the Swiss Alps for a very enjoyable hour or so after work. Had assumed that the update simply wasn’t ready yet.

From the point of view of customer experience, I do think communications around releases could be better. Promise the moon on a stick, sure, we love it, especially if accompanied by lovely screenshots/video. But if things are not going to be ready, get the message out early even if it isn’t a slam dunk just yet. Under promise, over deliver, no one will beat on you for that.

“Sorry everybody, not sure we are going to be ready for tomorrow” is better then waiting until after the perceived release window then saying it’ll be a few days later. Management of expectations is a huge soft skill I know, but I think Microsoft need some more of this. If you are a VSCode user (also a Microsoft product) the comms around what is coming, Insiders, releases, launch parties, API documentation etc. is amazing, and that is a free product for all. Same company, different ends of the spectrum unfortunately.

Be honest, talk lots, keep everybody informed. I think that sums it up.


I wondered if they might say more, but the dev update basically contains no information at all other than the copy pasted message and a few screenshots.

Give the quality of the communication today, it was rather expected. A shame. They’d have been better off not posting it at all.

The Development Blog for today has been posted:

[BLOG] February 11th, 2021 Development Update - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Never experienced this to be honest.

What part of the world do you come from?


And I am not sure we would like to experience that to be honest.

I am from France, but when I wrote that I was remembering russian memes

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Ha ha … Okay.

Take care. Bonne nuit :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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That would be it.

I post a reasonable question concerning this update and now find out my post is hidden. This will not be a forum I participate in again.

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I don’t mind waiting a few more days for the update but how about releasing a few more screenshots to keep us happy :grin:

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Bonne nuit a toi aussi

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Couldn’t have put it better. Asobo must be at their wits end. To pull the release today at the last minute must have been a tough call - but they did it anyway, despite (I;m sure) being all too aware of the reaction they would get from this supposed community. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

Is it likely that Asobo/MS deliberately held back the announcement of the delay to annoy the community? Do you think they new a few days ago it wasn’t going to make it? Do you think the deliberately screwed something up so that it would be delayed? Of course not. They may well have known there was a risk that something wouldn’t be right but there was a good chance - so maybe they could have signalled that earlier. Equally something entirely unexpected might have happened which made the release impossible. It’s all just speculation.

In my experience, very few people ever come in to work (or stay at home to work) to deliberately do a bad job.

Also bear in mind that for those saying they waited until the end of the day, the announcement came out around 7pm GMT - or 11am Pacific Time I think. Not the end of the day for Microsoft - so everyone needs to stop with the “they waited until the last possible moment” nonsense.


Don’t take it personally. It’s only something which i’ve noticed happening tonight and has happened to quite a few posts. Maybe it’s because this thread has a great many posts ???

Which post are you referring to? I see that you have no flagged or hidden posts.

I disagree with you entirely. A simple heads up yesterday or even this morning that it was on thin ice would have prevented 99 percent of the negative reaction. Communication is key when the community (yes it is a community) is this large.


You’ll note that I said the same thing:

They may not have known until the last minute. Also, I doubt it would have made any difference. Perhaps some of the most outrageous complaints would have been less explosive, but people still wouldn’t have been happy.

I won’t mention names, but I remember reading one comment by someone complaining that no update on the situation, and suggest they use social media if there was a problem. They then announce on Discord it won’t be today, and that same person flips.

They can’t win. Instead of watching this thread, I had a lovely three hour flight through the Caribbean.


I think he/she is talking about hidden replies. I’ve seen a few myself tonight but they don’t seem to have been flagged which would cause them to be hidden. Not seen this sort of thing before and I just assumed the forum format had changed slightly or that it was because the thread was getting pretty big :slightly_smiling_face: