World Update 4: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg

What time today is the update available?

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usually around 16:00Z


Only EHRD airport and Erasmusbrug. Don’t expect anything more for Rotterdam (unfortunately)

No. Could you explain it again, maybe with more arrows? :rofl:


And a very detailed Sparta stadium, het Kasteel, spangen… :sweat_smile:


Geez, folks! It seems like some of you make a living out of playing a game like FS2020. It’s either one or the other day. Or - who knows - maybe a couple of days later (see Playtime gone missing [Packages out of date] - wouldn’t be surprised if that counts as a “showstopper which must be fixed before go-live” - but then again, that problem already exists, so why delay the new update any further? Unless of course it would aggravate the existing problem… let’s just wait and see what happens today :slight_smile: ).

P.S. And yes, I am very much looking forward to this update as well (as with every update so far). But let’s play fair here and not a “blame game” with moderators (which, to my understanding, work here voluntarily - most of them are community members like everybody else, right?)


I like how you went full Buzzfeed style to make your point haha

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I bought from the marketplace the addon France. This is not in the community folder but official. Does that give problems with the next world update. O.a. France.

If you’re talking about the paris scenery pack, the publisher of that pack will have to update it to work with the new world update.

It is not Paris but all of France bought in the official fs marketplace.

Same story really. The publisher of this addon will have to update it to work with the World update. You’ll likely find an update to that addon in the Content manager soon after the WU releases. Might be smart to disable it until that update is around. Not sure.

Thank you for your response. I’m going to disable it in the content manager just to be sure.


Btw., where did you get this screenshot from? When I go to the official page, I only see the link to the “web-friendly version”. Which lists the update as part of the Development update (15th of April).

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That’s a good thing to do until we know what POI’s are included, Paris has a lot of them.

Those are updates for a week without specific day dates. Mostly tues and thursdays though.

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That’s a MUST

hello asobo
could you please correct such posts? with every update it is a huge discussion when the update now arrives.
especially for people who stream it’s important to know whether the update now comes on 13 or 15!
I assume the 13 and think that in the post below simply by copy and paste the date has been lost?

fixit please!

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The problem is that they give us “developement week” updates with these roadmaps, and these “weeks” end on thursdays. But usually sim updates are on tuesdays, and dev updates on thursdays. It would be much easier to understand if they communicated this more efficiently.

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We’re expecting World Update 4 to drop any minute now right?