World update 5 building exclusion

Since world update 5 , i can’t exclude buildings on my custom scenery BIIS …
We must have control on it as developers and let the choice to users what to use.
Please help with it .

I just did it yesterday. How are you doing it?
What kind of building are you trying to exclude. It works even on photogrammetry objects.

I use polygons, and individually choose the building type to exclude until it disappears. (i.e. Tin, MS buildings, etc. Seems like MS works most of the time, but not all).

I had one scenery which excluded 3rd party object. It worked after I put ‘001’ in start of the scenery name.

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Hi @Lucidus76
I found why , this is beacaus they com from Asobo scenery, so we just need to delete it from content manager :slight_smile:
Thanks !

Well, that will kind of do it, but there are multiple ways to exclude buildings, and it works for me (except in once case with a default windsock).