World Update DEM Maps

Does anyone know if Asobo has published more detailed DEM maps of it’s World Update locations?

I found this one awesome map: b281b1f6bb4f952325faec83c16286d78c3e8040.jpeg (2560×1046) (

But we need to know this sort of detail for all of their World Updates. Especially good for the new Canada update as it’s a huge area with lots of mountains. Where in Canada has the best DEM? A map like this would be perfect. Anyone know if there are more maps like this?


Maybe this may help:

High Resolution Digital Elevation Model (HRDEM) - CanElevation Series

I’m in PEI (Prince Edward Island) and the freely available LIDAR DEM (and DTM) data from the provincial government is at 2m (they have 30cm data). Apparently the folks who put together the country data (Government of Canada) use an averaging algorithm to calculate a 1m resolution.

Shameful plug: I want to see a complete PEI scenery package (Green Gables, Crowbush Cove, Cavendish, North Lake, Skinners Pond, North Rustico, Summerside, Charlottetown, Lennox Island, Abegweit First Nation, etc.).