World Update: Egypt

Hopefully one day we will get a world update for Egypt. You will get great VFR flying there and, be great for a Discovery Flight down the Nile

Would be great!
However while Egypt is a big country, it is sparsely populated compared to the UK, Japan, France or Germany and in comparison has far fewer landmarks (even though often very impressive ones). So I guess if they will do a World Update, it will be more like with the US and Canada: e.g. a “World Update Africa” or “World Update Northern Africa” or from my pilot’s perspective what they should do is a “World Update Mediterranean”

Egypt needs an update. Egypt is a very anciant beautiful country and a big tourist destination. The airports of Egypt are very important internationally. Cairo, Giza, Alexandria, Sharm Elshiekh, Hurghada, luxor and Aswan.The landscapes and cities are very beautiful, it has a lot of attraction. Please support a world update for Egypt.

We need an update in sharm elsheikh hurghada
And luxor to see the beautifull monuments in there …
Also Cairo Airport one of the most important Airports due to its Location we need a third party addon to be added to the market .


Not all you want but this pack re-creates the Gixa plateau as it was at the time of Pharaoh Khufu and his immediate successors… Giza Pyramid Complex Historical Pack Version 1.0 » Microsoft Flight Simulator


Thank you for sharing this but I am on Xbox not PC :frowning:

Hopefully a facility will come to X-Box to make these great addons available…


I hope so.

Exactly. We really need that.

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We definitely need the temples…what good is it showcasing the great pyramids Asobo added when they advertised MSFS and made a big deal out of them, when they left the rest of Egypt out? Not one single temple! I’ve been Egypt many times, and flying down the Nile is just not the same without looking at the Colossi of Memnon, Luxor and Karnak temples, Abu Simbel Temples, Aswan dam and all the other recognised features, et.c I would love to do some sightseeing trips down the Nile in the Fokker F.VII, the JU52 or even the cool DornierDoJWal aircraft on marketplace. I would love a 1920-30’S addon for egypt for msfs, teh golden age, with HP42’s and other iconic imperial aircraft doing Nile runs. Heers a basic map of temples…it would be cool if anyone could add them, freeware or payware, i woudl happily pay for egypt to be upgraded


Exactly I agree with you. Hopefully world update of Egypt will come after Italy.

Also sinai and Alexandria have a lot of details needs to be shown in world map
There are a lot of work needs to be done by Asobo hopefully we will get an update for Egypt soon :egypt:


You can get Abu Simbel here:- Abu Simbel Temple (Egypt) v1.0 » Microsoft Flight Simulator but yes, all these missing wonders of the ancient world are sorely missed by some of us.

Thank you :slight_smile: but I am on Xbox.

Hopfully it will come this year :frowning:

It would be great to update the satellite imagery around Cairo-Egypt.
On the eastern side of Cairo, there is a huge project building a new capital for the country.

Surprisingly, by zooming in you can see road traffic but roaming in the middle of the desert.

I guess it would be better to update when it’s finished.