World Update: Nordics

Do you have any plans to include Nordic countries on the roadmap?
There are lots of variety and amazing sceneries in the Nordic countries - Denmark, Island, Norway, Sweden & Finland.

Bing maps needs better satelite images of norway and other countries! My hometown looks nice, but compared to other cities in other countries, it`s pretty bad. If i look up my town in bing maps, they only have aerial photos, not hi res satelite images like google maps has.The Ai draws all the roads like dirt, not asphalt/tarmac as it should be.

Anyways, i love the sim and i`m looking forward to explore more!


It’s definitely time for Bing to recognize us as part of it’s user base and invest in satellite imagery and photogrammetry


Would be great indeed. Flying in Scandinavia is priceless!


Many places there is open data too. Like and Topographic data and how to acquire it | National Land Survey of Finland


i really want to see a World update for Scandinavian (Denmark, Norway and Sweden Iceland)
i know Copenhagen and FlyTampa EKCH already is included in MSFS
but something like this wold be nice


  • ENGM - Oslo-Gardemoen International (Norway)
  • ESSA - Stockholm Arlanda Airport (Sweden)
  • BIKF - KeflavĂ­k International Airport


  • Aarhus
    Den Gamle By / ARoS / Moesgaard Museum / Tivoli Friheden / Aarhus Domkirke / Aarhus RĂĄdhus / Dokk 1 / Marselisborg Mindepark / Ebeltoft

  • Oslo
    Viking Ship Museum / Frogner Park / Vigeland Museum / Fram Museum / Norwegian Folk Museum / Norwegian National Gallery / Oslo Opera House / Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower / Akershus Fortress / Royal Palace / Oslo City Hall / Norway’s Resistance Museum / Tjuvholmen Sculpture Park / Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art / University Botanical Garden / Tusenfryd

  • Stockholm
    Gamla Stan / Skansen / Vasa Museum / Modern Art Museum / Swedish History Museum / Royal Palace / The City Hall / Prins Eugen Waldemarsudde / ABBA: The Museum / Drottningholm Palace / Södermalm / Hallwyl Museum / Gröna Lund / Nordic Museum

  • Reykjavik
    HallgrĂ­mskirkja / National Museum of Iceland / Harpa / ViĂ°ey Island / Perlan / Volcano House / The Sun Voyager / Einar JĂłnsson Museum / Whales of Iceland / Nordic House / Northern Lights

(EKAH - Aarhus Airport (Denmark) Vidan Design confirmed


This update is so needed. I’ve just been flying along the coast of Norway and it is so disappointing to see the distorted peaks, lakes, and islands full of trees (should be a lot of rock). This area has such potential. As you can see on Volanta, so few people are flying there because of the poor job on the terrain. It should be full of beautiful fjords, waterfalls, rock, and bridges. Also the churches should be dotting the country side. The main cathedral in Trondheim is even missing - there is just a square of grass in its place. It looks like it was going to be placed there but someone forgot it. This church goes back to the Vikings.


I would like to see whole Nordic countries on some future world update.

World Update: Nordic - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


And Faroe Islands


Hi, I am planning to release MSFS updates to all my current Danish FSX sceneries, that includes:

  • Billund Airport EKBI (already released)
  • Bornholm Airport EKRN
  • Aarhus Airport EKAH
  • Aalborg Airport EKYT
  • Sonderborg Airport EKSB
  • Plus various smaller Danish airports and airfields
    John/Vidan Design

It would be so nice - update bridges in Denmark
So many POI - Lego Land - Odense (Hans Christian Andersen )
For Norway - mountains etc.
Sweden - Stockholm -Malmö
Finland snow landscape


IRC I heard in one of the Q&A videos Jörg said that the Faroe Islands might get a new update with the UK&Ireland World Update, since Bing got a new sattelite imagery there. I just took a look at Bing maps - and I must say now they look even more superior than Google Maps.


Amazing John! Aalborg has always been a favourite of mine to visit since I worked there for a few months several years ago. The standard sim version is lacking in more ways than one…

Do you have a rough ETA on this project?

Thanks in advance!

The Nordic countries has a lot of PD map data.

For Denmark check out

  • DEM (25 cm/1,6 m or 0,4 m grid)
  • 4-directions oblique photos of the entire country from 2019
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Vágar airport is missing. This is the only airport in the Faroe Islands. I got there from Scotland in the Beechcraft King Air and got very surprised there was no EKVG in the airport list… I had to land on a wild field… So sad !
Built by the British during World War II, Vágar Airport became a civilian airport in July 1963.!vagar-airport


Very sad! That airport looks stunning!

For those interested, I found a mod for this airport (Vagar - EKVG). Here is the link.


I just would love to get a Nordic update!

Many good suggestions on what to add. Bridges are of course important.

Also Copenhagen has a quite old photogrammetry source, and I think there are even free ones availble that are newer. Also the waterlevel is quite high. 3D models for some major landmarks would also make sense, like Tivoli, City Square, Rosenborg, Christiansborg, Børsen, Opera (where they dive from with Redbul), Vor Frue Kirke, Roskilde Domkirke, Gladsaxe Radio Tower, Herlev Hospital, Rigshospital fx.


I fully agree. Norway is amazing already with many scenic local airports. But there are issues related to elevation of lakes, fjords etc. I would be an excellent world update.


I really hope that we can get MS and Asobo to prioritise this world update!

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