World Update | South & South East Asia

I don’t see this part of the world on radar at all for this year. It is an important part of Asian continent so has me wondering prioritization process. On that topic, how do I add voting button?

Holy ■■■■ no one bother to vote this? No asian flight simmers out there? maybe they al lwent extinct and the players I saw in SEA server is a robot.

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where to vote? bro … definitely need update for shenzhen, hong kong etc …

Eg. Shenzhen airport but in MSFS still like 80’s !!

Hong Kong Airport already have thrid runway !! but in MSFS still a piece of broken land !!!

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Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world with spectacular scenery with lots of short haul flights then there is vietnam, loas ,cambodia and the Philippines all great places to virtually visit

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All we ever see are updates for Euro and American or Canadian cities. Mostly.

Where is our SE Asia world update? India, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, etc. Why don’t we have proper photogrammetry and satellite imagery for these regions? They’re downright beautiful.

Try procuring the necessary data for all those countries you mentioned…

It’s called politics.

Ah, there’s a thread for this region, wonderful!

Would absolutely love for the next series of WUs to be focused on Asia and SE Asia.

I don’t think Pakistan, India, and China would have any issues.

Wait… Maybe China would

A World Update for the entire region may not be possible due to geopolitical, national / regional rules & regulations or availability of data, but a City Update may be possible for some cities within this region.

MS/AS probably already point out to the appropriate officials the benefits to local tourism that 12 million (I think that’s the number of users now - I maybe wrong) MSFS fliers flying over a well created city might bring.

Maybe it does not exist (photogrammetry) or its own by military and classified (high res satellite imagery)? Navigraph cannot get charts for many Chinese airports because authorities don’t want to make them available for public use. I guess they are more crazy about satellite data.

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I am sure it exists for India where I am from. Google has street views so, regulations definitely allow it and Aerosoft actually came out with Mumbai city back a while back as well.

Are you sure that wasn’t Orbx?

It might exist for India but that doesn’t mean MS can easily procure it. Some liberal, Western allies don’t have politics conducive to making detailed world updates…

Well, in that case, would love to see a 3rd party scenery developer do cities for Pakistan, India, China, etc. as I’d take those instantly over the bland and generic looking cities we have now.