World Update Turkey

Turkey have many great airports and landscapes.

Turkey is a country with an important position at the intersection of the European and Asian continents. A large part of its territory is located in the Anatolian peninsula, and the rest is in Thrace, which is an extension of the Balkan Peninsula. The three sides of the country are surrounded by the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Straits connecting these two seas, the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea.

It would be great to have Turkey in a future world update.

Here are some images from turkey:


I really hope for it indeed Turkey needs an update some of roads and houses are 2d which is not something convenient to a simulator as MSFS

I support the application of the World Update to the landscapes and airports over Türkiye.

I don’t understand why Turkiye is never been planed or mentioned for world updates at the first place. It is a must.

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