World Update V

What cities are confirmed to get photogrammetry?

Are we there yet? :smiley:

The Final Countdown

So true… hundreds of small airfields, castles, sights. It‘s become beautiful.

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Tchan ran ran tannnn tchan ran ran tan tan…

Preikestolen, Norway

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If only we could add people on the rock to give it more life would be cool

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A nice hint to freeware developers!

Well, sometimes it’s closed off. When I was there last summer a body had been found at the bottom and it was closed off for some time.

I was legit about to put it into the requests on :smiley:

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I have Steam version and I don’t see any updates yet.

Oh wow sad to hear. Was it suicide?

Lol you should

My neither :frowning:

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238mb on Steam and it is available (at least I’m downloading it) now

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