World Update XV

World update XV is annouced!

Northern Europe & Greenland

Digital elevation maps:
Denmark - 40cm
Denmark / Faroe - 2m
Denmark / Greeland - 2m
Finland - 2m
Iceland - 2m
Norway - 1m
Norway / Svalbard - 5 min
Norway / Jan Mayen - 2 min
Sweden - 2m

10 photogrammetry cities
Denmark: Århus, Copenhagen, Frederikssund, Odense, Roskilde’
Norway: Oslo
Sweden: Linköping, Malmö, Visby

90 points of interest


Once again, Africa and most of Far East totally ignored


Africa just like South America is most likely down to politics/international tension.

I’ll give Microsobo grief about many things but even they can’t change the political climate.

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I guess it’s also a question of revenue. I don’t expect that Africa or Cental Asia has much of a flight sim community compared to Europe and North America and many people fly in areas they are familiar with.
In addition the availability and quality of DEM and other data related to a WU is often much better in Europe and North America.
So it may be very difficult to actually do a good WU in Africa or large parts of Asia

I wouldn’t be so sure. It’s about having the whole world to explore. More likely is also the availability of satellite imagery, I’d guess some areas are possibly only available for military use as they can’t reveal that they have been flying satellites over certain countries :wink:

I tend to also goto places that I can’t get to easily. I flagged South America for that reason as I was planning a few flights but hoping for a world update at some point before I do.

There are also 3rd party updates which have covered Africa:
Okavango Delta for Microsoft Flight Simulator - SimWorks Studios


Awesome news! Really looking forward to it and should be a great improvement to the Nordics! Really glad they went back to it :slight_smile:

As for other regions, I think Jörg has explained it several times, its all about getting good data, for some regions such as Europe and North America, that’s easier. They do intend to improve all regions though, but no one knows how long it will take.

Jörg explicetly mentioned Brazil, how difficult it is to get data and that he hopes for next year.

I planned to finally do the iceland or norway bushtrip. Looks like I should wait…


Pink: 50cm → 1m
Purple: 1m → 2 m
Blue: > 2m

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Yes, I know a lot of folks enjoy their immersion, but it would be really difficult for MSFS to replicate the real-world conditions at an airport like Kaduna International Airport (DNKA) in Nigeria.

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Don’t forget to get the SA elevation data. I am in to exploring also.

I just want South Korea, and I’ll never ask for anything again.

i hope one day they will update iran because we( the people) are 180 degrees different from this occ ///upying and back////ward regeeme inside iran which is in conflict with the whole world.


I just want ground textures to not look like they were taken right out of FS9, is that too much to ask?

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