World-Wide METAR Source

For anyone not aware, especially anyone outside the US, the Federal body responsible for weather observation and reporting has a METAR page that gives information for just about any airport world-wide with a weather reporting system. It will even decode it if you like. As an example, this link will give you the latest info from Domodedovo in Moscow, even though the page is US-based.

The only airport I’ve found so far that isn’t available is Pyongyang.


Another good site is

Has some really neat aviation functions and also decodes METAR reports.

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I’ve been getting my METARs from of late. It even decodes it for you if you don’t know how to decode it yourself (which I’m sure most of you do).

I use windy a lot as well, but I found this one the other day, useful for a quick look up and clicking on the search function brings up a world map and it gives a nice picture view of the runway in relation to the wind direction and a nice picture of the cloud layers. Very handy all in one place with a couple of clicks.


Oooohh… This one I like!

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Excellent sites, weather data for the most obscure airports, even down in the land of Oz. Thank you!

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