Worls map, free flight cannot start

Hi guys,
need some advice. After doing all the training missions, wanted to do a flight I will plan. Plane set, departure airport set, arrival airport set, weather set, however clicking on the Fly button does absolutely nothing. It will not start to load anything, or give any error message. by checking Help, the basic requirement is basically to set least the airport where you are going to land and it should work. It doesn’t work, even with the most simple setting where only the airport to arrive to is set.
Any ideas? Am I missing something?

That should work. try just picking a departure airport and clicking fly, if that doesnt work try a different airtport in case there is a bug associated with that specific airport.

just read your reply, went back to the game, 90mb update i set up the same flight plan only thing i changed was the airplane to the cessna from training and it is working. Time for flight from vtbs to vtsp.
thanks for your reply and devs for the update.