Worse Performance - SU7 - FPS

Hi forum im in DX11 i updated sim 7 and now i am underperforming. before I always had a steady and locked 30fps. Now I am at 14-22fps. It’s inexplicable.
I have restored all the settings, I have tried everything. And the problem continues.
This update 7 lowers the fps considerably

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i710700k 3070 32gbRAM
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Unfortunately have to agree. Considerably less fps. 5-10 fps in dx11 than last version with Same settings…

Windows10; Nvidia rtx3090; amd 3800xt newest GPU driver, all Windows updates

Any Suggestion how to improve?


I’m having the same issue with a loss of about 15 FPS. 1080TI. The last version was running great smoothest release so far and now this.


Ye Same. this is the worst update ever. so many things broken.

I wonder if they have multiple builds going at the same time. so we won’t see SU6 back again until SU8.


I had the same problem initially. My framerate went from 37 down to 14 fps and it was horribly stuttery. Earlier I had updated to Windows 11 and thought this might be the problem. I reverted back to Windows 10 and it wiped my sim entirely. I reverted back to Windows 11, performed a fresh install of the sim and turned HAGS off as someone suggested and I was dumbfounded. My framerates are even higher now than in SU6. I’m getting 40 fps in dev mode clouds off in most places. 5800X Gigabyte RTX 3090 Gaming oc. Reverb G2. Another user claimed HAGS off did nothing for him so go figure. Either it’s HAGS or the fresh reinstallation that solved my problem.


Pfff… Okay this makes no sense

I have tried everything, and this update works badly …

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Update 6 :pensive: i miss you


I had a decrease in performance initially, but today I’m back to what I was before the SU7 update and maybe a little increase in performance.

I wonder if the heavy load on their network and servers when everyone is downloading the update causes issues. Things never seem to run as smoothly the first day or two after an update.


Same here. Been flying with the High setting and after the update had no choice but to downgrade to Medium. The movement was in blocks.

I bought the Reno package and it’s barely flyable in the medium setting.

I love the improvements but can’t justify spending $2k in PC graphics updates at this time.

I’ would revert to SU 6 if I could.


1+ Me too …

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it is always the case added to others flying.

Now we are back to SU4 performance, so what was the point of releasing the performance patch after SU4?


Performance is back to what it was before SU5, sad.


unfortunately I have to agree. After SU6 I had very smooth and locked on 30FPS no stutters at all.
Today, same settings, I am somewhere between 22-30 on busy airports (with online traffic), where I used to remain steadily at 30. Lots of stutters this time, very unfluent experience. I remained on DX11 settings, updated to latest NVIDIA Drivers.

Running i7 10700K
Zotac 3090

ULTRA settings at 4k.



Side by side comparison here. 3-5 FPS reduction if anything, nothign more and not material.

the same here, I do not understand how it is possible that it works so badly now, there is no explanation


1+ … yes. No comments…

tried dx12-beta yesterday as I was currious about it. Looks way better (especially lighting) but fps was locked to 2-5 fps (with RTX2060-Super) :open_mouth:

now sticking with dx11 and bad 20-30fps with many stutters in it. Used to be much smoother prior to this update, although I always had bad UX within high altitude clouds or at busy airports.


Yes, but now it is much worse, what can we do?

I run on a i9 11900k 3080Ti 32 gig ram and even i notice a degradation of performance in this SU7 update.