WORST bottleneck I've ever seen, sim unplayable

Hey guys, my MSFS is unplayable right now because apparently - 32GB of RAM isn’t enough
on the flight from KATL to EDDF.

I don’t have a bad PC, correct me if I’m wrong.
9700K → 32GB RAM at 3200mhz → all installed on an M.2 SSD, running a 1080ti and temps are good.

Do you guys have similar issues? I don’t think this is normal, never seen such a huge bottleneck before.

Thanks in advance for your tips!

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This Image says nothing. Because there could be other programms using your ram

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I think the most common use-case is, having chrome open with 2-3 tabs and a version of smartcars,
to track the VA flight. MSFS alone was using 29GB which made me go down to 2-4fps average…


I’m new to the sim having only installed it this week.

I am going through the process of starting with my graphics on low, picking a busy airport and a large aircraft, then working my way up to see how far I can go with my graphics.

I picked London City (EGLC) and the 787.

So my initial test with everything on low or off has given me this outcome. I dont have any other programmes running. Why is my main thread limiting me with such low settings? And why isn’t my GPU doing much?

I have the following specs

Nvidia 1080ti
32GB Ram
Intel Core i7 8700K 3.70GHz 6 core
M.2 1T

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New here? Welcome! First, keep in mind: 30 fps will be your goal. Serious. This is what an rtx3090 gives. Is it a GPU related issue? Nops! The CPU optimization for MSFS is terrible. So, keep this in mind: 30 fps (with frame drop in large cities and airport) is normal.
Buy an yoke or side stick, it saves the experience haha

Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m not new to flight simming… I was with Xplane before. I have the saitek yoke and rudder system plus the multi panels etc. I also recently bought the Airbus sidestick. I’m more of a Boeing man myself but with MSFS I thought I’d try the Airbus. :grinning:

Thanks for your info on 30fps etc. Just a question… so why doesn’t it use much of the GPU? Sorry, I know I’m not new to the simming world but as for computers… its all gobbledegook to me!! :upside_down_face:


Task manager doesn’t do a very good job at showing GPU usage.

If you have MSI Afterburner installed you can check that to see your GPU usage. For me it sits between 60% and 90% most of the time. Alternatively you can use GPU-Z to see your correct GPU usage.

What’s in your community folder? Do you have any custom photogrammetry? I had a similar problem when I downloaded some custom photogrammetry.

Many users would be extremely happy with 50 FPS with all the indicators in the green.

Understand that gaming software and MSFS will always have a bottleneck somewhere. The FPS indicator measures five different parts of the graphics pipeline. Any of these are potential bottlenecks. You get to choose the bottleneck for your PC. Which one do you choose? “None” is not an acceptable answer. Also, the FPS display will never say that your PC is awesome and there isn’t anything to tweak or tune.

For graphics intensive programs like MSFS there are two directions to tune and tweak graphics, performance or quality. Do you want the maximum frames per second from your hardware? Do you want to see 60 or 70 FPS? The frame quality can be lowered to achieve FPS targets and better performance.

Quality is a measure of how good each frame looks. Do you want to see 4K with HDR? Do you want everything to be displayed as accurately as possible? A lower FPS is acceptable to have the highest quality frames.

Most users want both, high quality frames and a high FPS. Most tweaking and tuning is done to achieve a compromise tor the user (and the user’s checkbook). If tweaking is done to optimize performance, CPU processing will be higher. If tweaking is done to optimize quality, the GPU will do most of the processing. When both the GPU and CPU are balanced, you’ve found the tuning “sweet spot”.

Thanks for your reply…Now that I’ve had a chance to experiment with my settings I’m actually quite impressed with the overall graphics and ability of my PC, considering I only have a 1080ti and not the newer graphics cards. I’m usually getting over 30FPS even on Ultra settings.
My only gripes so far are

  1. Stuttering.
  2. Horrible mashed up/deformed buildings in photogrammetry.
  3. Colour difference between the photogrammetry and the autogen scenery which can ruin the immersion.

Will Asobo fix these issues in time do you think? Is there anything I can do to help with these issues?


Nothing you can do, it is what it is. Either Asobo fix it or we just have to learn to live with it.