Worth even thinking about getting VR with the Radeon RX 5700XT?

It’s a midrange card: UserBenchmark: AMD RX 5700-XT

Would it even be usable on low graphics settings in a Cessna, flying over rural Kansas?

I started out with a 3070 and an HP Reverb G2. That was ok on mid settings and that was also before the SU5 performance boost. So it could work on low settings over rural areas. I can tell you that the immersion in VR is of a different level.

I use an RX590 with a Quest 2. I’ve “flown” across Kansas. If the RX5700 is priced right (not inflated to some of the ridiculous prices) you should be fine.

It took me a week to do it, but I went from Portland, Oregon across the northern part of the U.S., down the east coast to Florida then back towards the west to Arizona, finishing the flight by heading diagonally back to Portland. I used the DA62 cruising (mostly) at about 2000 feet AGL. It was pretty decent looking and acceptably smooth.

My setting are more towards the middle with a few on high and ultra.

CPU- i7 10700K
RAM - 32 gig of DDR4 @ 4000 Mhz
MB- Asus z490

I’ll be waiting for this GPU mess to end before I upgrade mine. :slight_smile:

I’m assuming you have a 5700Xt and are looking to get into VR. If that’s the case, the answer is a resounding yes. I would highly recommend the Oculus Quest 2.
I have an XFX THICC 5700Xt and it runs the Oculus Quest 2 really well.
I’m able to run the Oculus software at 120hz 1.7 which is a resolution of 5408x2736 which is the native resolution of the Quest 2. In Oculus tray tool, FOV 0.9 :0.9, adaptive GPU - off, ASW - disabled, distortion curve - low, encode resolution width 2736 and encode bitrate - 350.
In OpenXR Dev tools, preview - off, Motion reprojection - Always on.
In Radeon driver, Anti aliasing - use app settings, method- multisampling, Texture filter quality - performance, tessellation - AMD optimized.
In MSFS, render scaling 80, LODS are at 200,the rest all ultra, ambient and reflection down to high, bloom and light shafts off, screens low.
Just been flying my Spitfire around the UK and it is amazing.
My specs for reference
AMD 3900x
Asus prime X570
32Gb 3600 cl14
1Tb NVME drive
XFX 5700Xt
Wifi 6 router used only for connecting the Quest 2.

Great to hear, I have precisely the same 5700xt edition. Also have ryzon 3600 cpu and 32gb ram. Will start looking into it!

I’ve no problems with the 5700 (without XT) together with the Quest(1) and AMD Ryzen 5 5600 Six-Core. In most situations I get 36Hz which is half the framerate of the glasses > no problem. Rendering is set to 100 = native Quest resolution.

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