Worth Upgrading To 40 Series from 3050?

I see conflicting things about this here. Some say 40 series is a game changer and others say 3080/3090 is more than the sim will need for a while.

Aiming to run 1440p on a 27” high refresh monitor at Ultra on mostly everything so it’s not only visually as impressive as possible but 3rd party add on aircraft and airports with lots of traffic and live weather don’t struggle with frames.

Should I be shopping for a used 3080/3090/3090ti (can’t find new anywhere) to accomplish this or new 40 series? 4070TI’s are $850 and a used 3090TI is about the same price.

Intel i5 12400F
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050
32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3600mhz
1TB MSI M371 M.2

I would consider the 4070Ti over the 3090Ti if these are your choices. With Frame Generation enabled on the 4000 series GPU, you will significantly improve your performance over the 3090Ti for nearly the same cost.

Does the 4070 TI having half the VRAM as the 3090 become an issue with MSFS at all? 3090/3090 TI has 24GB and 4070TI has 12GB.

Not necessarily, as VRAM usage is highly dependent on your settings and resolution. If you plan for 4K with maxed out graphics settings, it could be problematic on DX12. However, lowering some settings (particularly terrain LOD or texture quality) can significantly reduce VRAM usage without significantly affecting image quality. Seeing that you plan for 1440p, you should be ok.

It will if your using a high end VR headset or running multiple 4K monitors but otherwise not with the current update of the game.

That may change of course.

So if I’m following correctly 3080/3090/3090 TI are all good for 1440p at Ultra with mid to high level of detail. The 3090/3090 TI is also a viable 4K card with the same settings. 4070 TI is good at those settings with 1440p but may struggle at 4K?

I have a 3070 and it is perfectly fine at ultra at 1440p .

The 3080 and 3090 would probably handle 4K reasonably well.

The only card that can really handle a Pimax or Varjo Aero at high/ultra is likely the 4090.

VR is way more demanding.