Would love to see the 777x as Boeing’s first study level plane

Such an incredible plane, it would be great to see it as Boeing’s study level plane. Airbus got theirs, so why shouldn’t Boeing get one?

If not the 777x, I would be fine if they made the 787-10 that is already in the game, the study level plane.

Love Boeing or hate them, the new 777 family, not just the 777x is amazing.

Check it out, wouldn’t you want something like this in MSFS?:

For PC or XBOX?

Huh? The PMDG 737 series are already “study level” (whatever that actually means).

If you mean by “default free plane with deep system simulation,” then a 777 would not be bad way to go but Asobo would be wasting money to do one from scratch, as PMDG’s own 777 is likely to come out this year, and they have confirmed that “friends of theirs” have already been talking with them about both 777X and 787 models.

That said, the 777X is not going to enter commercial service for at least 2 more years so what’s the rush?


Both, that is why I put PC & Xbox in the subcategory or whatever it is called.

I am sure there is 777x’s, and 777-9x for PC you can already get, but they most likely are not study level.

I am taking about a 777x, or like I said even the current 787-10 that is in the game, to be the Boeing version of a study level plane.

I swear I remember the devs saying they were going to make a Boeing study level plane after the release of the study level Airbus. I could be wrong in this on though.

I knew PMDG was making those planes, but are they coming to Xbox? If so, amazing…the one problem for some will be that you have to buy them.

I guess my point was, since Asobo hired a dev studio (which escapes my mind right now, sorry…running on very little sleep) to build the Airbus study level plane, and then put it in the game for free why not do the same thing with a Boeing plane? The 787-10 would be cool as I fly it all the time in the game already, and a 777x would be just as fun.

The developer for A310 is IniBuilds. They’re also the ones doing the upcoming (payware) Antonov An-225.

I agree that a “better fidelity” Boeing should be added to the sim. It problably SHOULDN’T be the 787-10 since that is a Premium Deluxe-only version of the plane. I’d be happy as heck if MSobo hired PMDG to take their model and build up the systems and flight model to make the Premium Deluxe worth buying, but doing that for the default 747-8 would make a deep, high-fidelity Boeing available to more people.

I would frankly be ASTOUNDED if they “bought” PMDG’s 777 to bring to the sim for free. PMDG will probably be selling those for $70 or so per variant, in line with their 737 pricing. But who knows? Microsoft has deep pockets.

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Also to note: IniBuilds previously had a A310 on XPlane. That helped with a lot of the research, probably some of the code, etc. If you hire someone to develop a Boeing, on a plane that has not be researched, sound files created, etc it is going to be much much more expensive to develop. I dont see Microsoft going for it.

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I definitely see where you are coming from as far as the 787-10, since we who have it paid good money to have it, I think I paid $120-130 or something. One of the main reasons I paid that much was to get the 787-10.

I just think we should have a study level Boeing plane in the game that is free. If PMDG’s 737 comes to the Xbox (I cannot remember if PMDG is the developer that said he would bring his planes to Xbox or not, I believe they are and Fenix is the one who is not doing anything for the Xbox) I will buy it for sure.

It is just an idea I through out there. If you are interested in seeing a Boeing study level plane, vote for it.

777x is pretty new and not actually in service for another couple of years. If we did get one, it would be well after it begins regular service.

That and all the 777x is is a 777 with bigger engines, 787 composites and a MAX Cockpit. Beyond that, most people will be satisfied with the PMDG 777 when it releases.

Also, i’d like to mention that nothing will be “Study level” as you will not be able to earn real world flight hours from it. The preferred nomenclature is “High fidelity” aircraft.

And yes PMDG has expressed interest in bringing PMDG Planes to Xbox. At least last i heard. They are still stuck with WASM Issues like most other devs…or something…

Okay, got you…”High Fidelity.” Thank you for clearing that up.

I would love to see the modified 747 for NASA, that brought the Space Shuttles to their final homes, obviously as a livery, not have some build a high fidelity version of that alone.

Anyway, like I said, it was just an idea I had. I really do think Boeing deserves a high fidelity version of one of its planes. The 737 is great, but I really want to see one of the big girls get some love in the high fidelity space.

Once WASM comes out, which should be this March, we should start seeing higher fidelity aircraft because of WASM, but not high fidelity like I mean.

Also, on a side note…I will absolutely be buying the AN-225 when it release on Xbox. One of my friends told me the money from that will go to help the Ukrainians, is that true or did he hear it from someone who had no idea what they were talking about, haha?

WASM is already “out” and it’s like C++ or whatever it’s just a programming language thats better suited to making video game airplanes. The issue (and someone can correct me if i’m wrong) is that the console does not exactly understand WASM for custom planes (like the PMDG 737) and would become completely unusable. At least thats my high level understanding of the issue, but i play on PC so take what i say with a grain of salt on this.

Asobo will never produce a high fidelity airliner in-house. None of them have the technical know-how or experience to do so hence why vendors like Inibuilds and Working Title are developing the more complex planes and systems (note: pure speculation). And people seem to forget that high fidelity aircraft can take years develop. It’s best to put it out of ones mind and be happily surprised when there’s an announcement about an in-house high fidelity wide-body long haul airliner.

Not Ukraine directly, but Antonov to help rebuild the 2nd one they had sitting around half finished


Compared to what airlines pay for simulation software, MSFS and third-party build aircraft are too cheap.

Everything involving paperwork in aviation is a ripoff anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Who knows what’s going to happen to the 777X. If you wanted a Boeing vaguely like the A310 in terms of cockpit & in the rough ballpark for operating it’d be one of the 757/767s, which is really not a bad idea.

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After having seen that video I would say only the FlyByWire team has the dedication time and passion to simulate this airplane.

The 777X has the same problem the A350 and the A380 has, it´s systems are so sophisticated so complicated so hypermodern it would take several years to simulate only a few of these cockpit screens and it´s sub-menues and various desktops and pages and functions.

The FlyByWire team will be preoccupied with the A380 for 2-4 more years, and start their new project the A350 afterwards.
So the prognosis of seeing a 777x in Flight Simulator 2024 in the oncoming six years is rather bleak…
(Except Captain Sim :scream_cat: makes one with default Asobo747 systems on a 2D cockpit and without virtual cockpit and without cabin, so never give up hope!!!)

“Too” cheap?


just a small correction that fbw will only provide a380 data to dfd for the purpose of their a350 development, they won’t develop it themselves. And the issue for developing these modern airliners does not arise from the sophistication but rather the lack of data available. In fact, Airbus has stopped printing off its manufacturing manuals and has shifted to software solutions, parts of which are only accessible to engineers and technicians.

If there was any study-level Boeing which I’d buy, it would rather be an ‘analog’ one like the B707, 727 or 747-100/-200. I feel that we are currently over-served with digital cockpits & flight controls in the sim.
NB. I do believe that Just Flight is working on a 747 classic for MSFS - if I’m not mistaken. I do hope it will feature the flight-engineer’s station in the cockpit !