Wow! These discovery flights are amazing!

I forget the time and just fly around in all those beautiful landscapes! Wow! And the music is so wonderful, it is like being in a movie. I’m totally overwhelmed! :heart_eyes:


Yes, I played a few on the Xbox yesterday… very nice.


Got to admit , even with all the hoo-ha about LODs etc and the adjustments I had to make to my controls and graphics sliders , I was totally blown away by these discovery flights .
I recall gaming on a PC in the mid 1980s , and I could never have imagined we’d get to this level of graphics / realism !!


Finally got around to trying these…have to admit these are like epic mini-movies. Big kudos to the music producers on this one!

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Right I agree the music adds so much to them!

Really great stuff. Very impressed with these discovery flights. I’m still new around here and I am wide-eyed at all of it :eyes: