Wow, this was fun!

Hi all!
New beginner here, getting to know the game. The landing challenges were fun! I never knew the feeling of pounding down a jetliner in Toronto could be so fullfilling! I completed all the challenges just to get the feel for it and they were all fun to try. The great graphics and the feel of the airplanes is very immersive! I have also started to find some landmarks and nice scenery to fly and look at, it’s really cool! I’m starting to get the hang of it =)


Welcome to the world of flight simming :wink:

As you will gradually delve into it, you will start to follow tutorials on youtube on how to do proper flights from point A to point B, little by little you will discover the joys and complexity of planning a flight using tools you can find here and there like simtoolkit, websites like simbrief and skyvector and the more you’ll learn the more you’ll get closer to fly like real pilots do, following as closely as possible the real procedures.

When you’ll make an entire flight planning everything right, following rules and regulations, using real nav charts for departure and arrival, you’ll find it very rewarding :slight_smile:

And when you feel ready, join Vatsim and fly among other players but this time with real people doing the ATC following the exact rules and approaches. :wink:

Happy flying and learning in the meantime and keep it just fun

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