Wrong aircraft position on ND

I have noticed this error two months ago , but somehow it was resolved. Now, i can confirm that i see that again. My A320 with latest custom version flies correctly according to heading course, but the postion on ND is look like crosswind in my tail from the left.

Also, can’t understand why on alt 380 i get limit and my speed is not going up more than 250K.

Any advise how to resolve it?

This is with the FBW?

Yes. correctly with custom FBW. Updated last hour with installer

Okay I’ve moved it into the third party category. The bugs and issues is only for stock Asobo content.
I can’t help you as I don’t fly the A320, but I recon people at the FBW discord can help you out!

@AwesomeBlack533 , thanks!!

There’s nothing wrong to resolve, the ND is showing 115kt wind from around 60 degrees to the left of the flight plan, which is why the heading is 10 degrees left to compensate.

And the speed of 250 is because at that altitude it equates to .78 Mach which is nearing the operating limit of the aircraft.


Ok, windy is now resolved. You are right. I’ve forgotten for some time this factor.

But what about the speed that actually shoud be around 0.82 mach?

This redline bug has been introduced with the latest sim update and has to do with the kts/Mach switchover.

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Thanks for clarification!!

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