Wrong autogen buildings and map data improvement idea

Due to loads of inaccuracies in map data, some time ago I’ve conducted a couple test on how OpenStreet Data (OSM) is interpreted by autogen.

I shared my discoveries in another thread, though you can read them as well down here:

My original post

Okay. As it seems to be the most appropriate of all the post concerning OpenStreetMap usage, I’d like to share and summarize what we know.

Autogen is definitely capable of utilizing OSM data, it’s confirmed by a funny cases like this.
But here are hard proofs in licencing/database notices:

and SDK tools in which we’re able to exclude OSM buildings or MS buildings:

We know what specific tags are being used by the autogen, as @AlphaMutyoro shared info:

‘height’ tag is not work
‘building:part’ is seems like ignore
‘building:level’ is effecting
roof shape tag is not concerning.
SOURCE: Community Driven World Builder in SDK Discussion

However, OSM data in many regions seems to be outdated. Examples:

Many skyscrapers in Warsaw (Poland, EU) (which even got itself custom 3d model from Asobo team) have correct 3d models in OSM:

same view in MFS using OSM data (checked with DevTools to be sure) looks like this:

we can see many ignored buildings or interpreted in confusing way.

There’s also small neighbourhood near my home airport EPWR with OSM data which I updated, so it’s accurate:

same view in FS:

The last example has the right to be outdated, as I’ve submitted the changes like 3 days ago.

From that all it seems to me, that FS autogen is definitely not streaming OSM data directly from OSM, but probably relies on OSM data stored on FS servers. Because of that Warsaw example I bet either that OSM data is old, or it’s old AND further processed and misinterpreted by autogen algorithms.

It would be super nice to get official info from the Dev Team on how this process actually works, especially how frequent are the updates and will we be able to improve FS experience through updating OSM data without messing with publishing scenery packages.

quick update:
I’ve sent an email to FlightSimData@microsoft.com and :bird: tweeted a question :bird: regarding OSM data update frequency, and looking forward for them to reply so I can share the official info :wink:

To make this post as concise as possible I’ll just sum up:

  1. Autogen is using combination of OSM and Bing maps data to generate buildings. This doesn’t always works well, as in some places OSM data is correct but the buildings are completely off.

  2. Submitting changes to OSM doesn’t reflect them in MFS, that’s propably due to the fact that OSM data is not streamed directly from OSM, but rather periodically pulled from OSM and then streamed form MFS servers.

The request for the Dev Team is to provide the details about the update frequency of OSM data. Even better would be an option in SDK to manually pull the latest data from OSM servers.

This same thought occured to me last night as I was dodging the farm skyscraper on final to 26 at EGHA. I have been an OSM editor for a while now and have started editing the farm buildings in my area and around the airfields I use regularly, setting apppropriate level/height values for them. It would be nice to know that this effort will get in to the sim at some point and how regularly the OSM data is upated in the sim and even if it properly uses the level/height and building type information that can be added in OSM.

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Any update on how data is pulled from OSM? Does the dev hint anything?

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I missed this post. The data driven procedural world is one of the things that I hope will be open and accessible for us to localize and edit (Dev Mode + Scripting)

To my knowledge the data driven procedural world of MSFS is composed of data from:

  • Generated from the scanned Bing aerial imagery by Blackshark.ai
  • Bing Data
  • OSM data (not updated)

Are you certain the wrong ones are part of the OSM / Bing and not the data from the aerial AI scans?

Anyways, I suggested these related features on the Dev Support forum:

  • Generate 3D infrastructure by tracing footprints in Dev Mode
  • By writing a script to generate 3D infrastructure from OSM data
  • Edit 3D infrastructure (height, type, facades, roof etc) as we do with vegetation in Dev Mode

The link for the suggestions in the Dev Support Forum: