Wrong temperatures

Yes, the temperature definitely affects aircraft performance, just as it does in real aircraft. In any of the sim jet aircraft, temperatures 40 or 50 degrees above normal at high altitude greatly reduces available engine thrust, and causes a massive increase in fuel consumption.

It is all about density altitude:

Hot air is thinner than cold air.
High altitude air is thinner than than low altitude air.
Both thing at the same time = very thin air = bad engine performance and bad wing performance.

Ah, I see. I understand how temperature affects aircraft in the real world, but I was wondering if it was just a visual thing or if the physics calculations were actually being affected. When I first saw this post, all the replies were hidden when I commented, so I didn’t see all the other responses on the issue.

A hotfix has been scheduled for Friday (could be moved back to Monday)

Source of this hotfix information?


I want to remain optimistic, but wasn’t a patch already released that was intended to fix the problems with SU5?

Let’s hope the the hotfix to fix the hotfix to fix SU5 does what it needs to do.

This is also confirmation that we will continue to have high temps aloft until Friday or Monday, assuming they can’t correct the problem with a server data adjustment before those dates.

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Still broken after hotfix. Over the atlantic ocean at FL380 the temperature suddently increased from -50c to +22c.

This happened while playing around with the drone camera, don’t know if the bug is somehow related to this.

A solution to these delays would be for ASOBO to move to Seattle and for the entire MSFS team to work weekends too. Until then, delays, errors, bugs, and blunders brought on by time zones and language barriers remain.

But an initial good start would be for the MSFS team to begin to focus on making this a flight simulator.

Meanwhile, flight simmers have to wait for fundamental (and pre-elementary) basics as usual.

Having the same problem. I was wondering why the fbw a32nx was climbing so slowly till I saw that it was waaay to hot. Hope they fix it soon. No use trying to play with live weather…

Found somewhat of a workaround. Takeoff Using REX weather. When you climb above 10000ft or so, go back to clear skies preset and reinject REX. This has made the temps act normal for me at high altitudes. Not sure if it works with live weather but worth a try!!


they sometimes work fine, it’s just random. you just got a placebo :slight_smile:

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Ask Harry Bliss – he will tell you !! What a Character !!!


Two flights in a row now it has worked so i am hoping it keeps coming haha!

the bug is still there for live weather i have tryed rex weather good on temps with ur walkround

that is awful. these are human beings not machines.


I think they are starting to notice this… keep the post coming… :laughing:

am so glad your not in charge of anything on this planet.


I get where you’re coming from, but the thing is, people are seeing OAT temps that are like 90c, you can’t plan around that.

It would be like if you had a sailing simulator and the ocean was boiling. Its not just something you can work around. 22c at FL370 is approaching boiling at that pressure altitude. You can’t even game it. It’s flying on Venus. They are conditions that are simply not even possible on Earth, and not conditions that any aircraft can operate within.

(sorry for all the edits, I kinda mind spewed some numbers and then came back after fact checking myself - thus saving you the effort :wink: )

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