Wrong temperatures

Not sure. I was flying over Europe. Milan to Brussels. Maybe we should all say where they’re flying when the issue occurred. Just to get an idea if it’s something regional.

I wonder if this Internet outage had anything to do with it?


Northwest Africa (La Palma to Casablanca). Most of the times TAT is way to high (+49°C at FL350).

yeah, I had a TAT of +79 over the alps :sweat_smile:

Must be great @ courchevel with a density altitude of 30 000’ :ok_hand: :sweat_smile:

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There was one last month with the same issue, though they said that a user on the network selected some feature that was bugged and caused that one, they said “We dont know how this could of gotten by our debugging process” LOL!

Still broken …

Live Weather issues have been going on since the very beginning.

Rather than complain or even file bug reports anymore, we should all hope and/or pray for much more consistent (every day all day) worse weather issues (like 100 knot winds and zero visibility everywhere all the time), this way maybe something will HAVE to be done without delay.

Nothing like a crisis to accomplish something good.

lol, there was me trying to figure out why in the WT CJ4, the ITT was going mental above the red line and I was loosing N1 thrust, then i saw +85 ISA!!!

Same situation here. I made a flight from KBBG to KDEN, had crazy temperatures and… I RUNNED OUT OF FUEL around 60 miles before arriving :scream:

Is this fixed now?

no. as of now i’m still having issues. high tempratures at high altitude.

I have also have this problem since yesterday - not before. Temperatures jumps between very high to a more normal but still too high ISA at intervals.

There is a plugin called Unreal Weather which does read from VATSIM weather which helps, but only when you are in the aerodrome vicinity - outside of the aerodrome, you can switch to clear skies or other profiles except Live Weather, and switch back when approaching - you get a bit of an abrupt change though.

Still high temps in high alts.

Still an issue, hopefully it’ll be sorted soon

I am flying over the Alps right now. SAT +28C ISA +82C at FL350.
Now we have a proof for climate change I guess :laughing:

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24hours and still no response. Nice record.

Shaking my head the last few hours.

I seem to recall something similar before the last sim update - weather being all messed up for days before the update. Anyone else?