WT Cj4 v.0.9.1 no throttle animation

With HC Bravo, throttles function properly in terms of delivering power, but the mod does not animate throttle movement. Speed brake, flaps animate properly but not throttles.

Is it me?

If you are using a custom livery, it is probably that. They use a different panel.cfg

that is what is noted in the version notes.

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Bingo! You’ve won the washer/dryer combination!

WT 0.9.1. throttles move in the stock livery but not in either of the MS/Asobo gift liveries, including the “test pilot” livery.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

I’m confused, which livery do we use with it then?

stock, the one included with the game. As pointed out in the version notes, only the stock plane is guaranteed to work - some third party ones might but it depends if they use a custom panel.cfg or not.

I only have the stock livery, but the problem persists and I have the same problem with DA62X Improvment Mod! Ie no throttle movement!

my issue with this mod is that when doing a IFR flight, the airspeed is non-existent after it reaches a certain altitude and the plane won’t climb to it’s regular altitude for the flight

From the Users Guide:

Default Livery Conflicts

The alternate default liveries that now ship with MSFS are not compatible with the CJ4 yet at this time. They currently ship with panel.cfg files that do not include our FADEC module. Please use the standard livery or a known compatible 3rd party or community livery. Compatible liveries can be found in #media in our discord or here:

Here is the whole Document:

Have you turned on pitot heat? Pitot tube may have iced up?

I use AI control which has been a disaster ever since I downloaded the game back in October

The AI will almost certainly not be able to properly control our CJ4 as almost all AP functions have been customized. I would definitely recommend highly against using AI control.


I really like using your plane, but I only know how to use AI control…so how about some pointers on how to setup the plane so I can use it?

Is it not working for you? How so? Or are you asking how to do everything?

I bought this simulator because it has AI control. I’m not a pilot. I’m actually a bit mentally disabled…all I want to do is choose my starting location, destination, VFR (for short range) or IFR (for long range), pick the aircraft and livery, and then sit back and enjoy the flight

It may be best then to stick to the default (unmodded) version for that manner and use the modded version if you are going to delve deeper into the understanding of the aircraft operation. When it comes to the complexity or growing complexity of the sim crafts, we all start on page one :slightly_smiling_face:
Mentally challenged or not, it is better to write a novel on blank pages!

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