WT NXi Question

Hello - question here about current VNAV functionality in the WT G1000 nxi.
Looking at the VNAV notes and it says:

  • Full VNAV path navigation simulation with correct VPTH arm and active behavior
  • Correct vertical deviation indications for VNV active profile deviation, GP, and GS
  • Accurate VNAV path calculation from vectorized plan includes path guidance through turns and arcs

Does this, however, allow you to manually enter a waypoint altitude constraint, and then build out the vertical path using that as its reference? Last year it would only work if the approach you loaded had altitude constraints pre-loaded, but would not let you enter your own yet.

So am wondering if the functionality I described exists yet in the latest version? For example:

Cruising at FL100. You have a 3 waypoints ahead of you and then a visual approach to your runway. In the last waypoint settings you enter 1000’ as the constraint. Will the WTG1000nxi create a vertical path for you to follow along the rest of your route down to this altitude?