WT Stage 213 from Tamanrasset (Algery) to Bordj Badji Mokhtar (Algery)

WT Stage 212 from Illizi (Algery) to Tamanrasset (Algery)
WT Stage 211 from El Borma (Tunisia) to Illizi (Tunisia)
WT Stage 210 from Tunisi (Tunisia) to El Borma (Tunisia)
WT Stage 209 from El Bayadh (Algeria) to Tunisi (Tunisia)
WT Stage 208 from Zagora (Morocco) to El Bayadh (Algeria)
WT Stage 207 from Casablanca (Morocco) to Zagora (Morocco)
WT Stage 206 from Gibraltar (Uk) to Casablanca (Morocco)
WT Stage 204 from Madrid (Spain) to Granada (Spain)
WT Stage 203 from Lisboa (Portugal) to Madrid (Spain)
WT Stage 202 from La Coruna (Spain) to Lisboa (Portugal)
WT Stage 201 from Barcelona (Spain) to La Coruna (Spain)
WT Stage 200 from Nice (France) to Barcelona (Spain)
WT Stage 199 from Lyon (France) to Nice (France)
WT Stage 198 from Nantes (France) to Lyon (France)
WT Stage 197 from Lannion (France) to Nantes (France)
WT Stage 196 from Caen (France) to Lannion (France)
WT Stage 195 from Bristol (England) to Caen (France)
WT Stage 194 from Cork (Ireland) to Bristol (England)
WT Stage 193 from Belfast (Northern Ireland) to Cork (Ireland)
WT Stage 192 from Skye (Scotland) to Belfast (Northern Ireland)
WT Stage 191 from Inverness (Scotland) to Skye (Scotland)
WT Stage 190 from London (England) to Inverness (Scotland)
WT Stage 189 from Hamburg (Deutschland) to London (England)
WT Stage 188 from Berlin (Deutschland) to Hamburg (Deutschland)
WT Stage 187 from Kracow (Poland) to Berlin (Deutschland)
WT Stage 186 from from Vilnius (Lettonia) to Kracow (Poland)
WT Stage 185 from Stockholm (Sweden) to Vilnius (Lettonia)
WT Stage 184 from Sankt-Peterburg (Russia) to Stockholm (Sweden)
WT Stage 183 from Moscow (Russia) to Sankt-Peterburg (Russia)
WT Stage 182 from Kyev (Ukraine) to Moscow (Russia) trought Pripyat
WT Stage 181 from Odessa (Ukraine) to Kyev (Ukraine)
WT Stage 180 from Sebastopol (Crimea) to Odessa (Ukraina)
WT Stage 179 from Sochi (Russia) to Sebastopol (Crimea)
WT Stage 178 from Volgograd (ex Stalingrado Russia) to Sochi (Russia)
WT Stage 177 from Ufa (Russia) to Volgograd (ex Stalingrado Russia)
WT Stage 176 from Cheremukhovo (Russia) to Ufa (Russia)
WT Stage 175 from Pečora (Russia) to Cheremukhovo (Russia)
WT Stage 174 from Archangel (Russia) to Pečora (Russia)
WT Stage 173 from Murmansk (Russia) to Archangel (Russia)
WT Stage 172 from Cape North (Norway) to Murmansk (Russia)
WT Stage 171 from Lofoten (Norway) to Cape North (Norway)
WT Stage 170 from Trondheim (Norway) to Lofoten (Norway)
WT Stage 169 from Sandefjord (Norway) to Trondheim (Norway)
WT Stage 168 from Sumburgh (UK) to Sandefjord (Norway)
WT Stage 167 from Neskaupstadur (Iceland) to Sumburgh (UK)
WT Stage 166 from Akureyri to Neskaupstadur (Iceland)
WT Stage 165 from Bakkaflugvöllur to Akureyri (Iceland)
WT Stage 164 from Skagafjörður to Bakkaflugvöllur (Iceland)
WT Stage 163 from Sandafell (Iceland) to Skagafjörður (Iceland)
WT Stage 162 from Reykjavik (Iceland) to Sandafell (Iceland)
WT Stage 161 from Narsarsuaq (Greenland) to Reykjavik (Iceland)
WT Stage 160 from Ilulissat (Greenland) to Narsarsuaq (Greenland)
WT Stage 159 from Iqaluit (Canada Nunavut) to Ilulissat (Greenland)
WT Stage 158 from Happy Goose Bay (Canada, Labrador) to Iqaluit (Canada Nunavut)
WT Stage 157 from St. Johns (Canada, Terranova) to Happy Goose Bay (Canada, Labrador)
WT Stage 156 from Halifax (Canada) to St. Johns (Canada, Terranova)
WT Stage 155 from Montreal (Canada) to Halifax (Canada)
WT Stage 154 from Portland (USA, Maine) to Montreal (Canada
WT Stage 153 from New York (USA, New York) to Portland (USA, Maine)
WT Stage 152 from Norfolk (USA, Virginia) to New York (USA, New York)
WT Stage 151 from Toronto (Canada) to Norfolk (USA, Virginia)
WT Stage 150 from Chicago (Illinois) to Toronto (Canada)
WT Stage 149 from Kansas City (Missuri) Chicago (Illinois)
WT Stage 148 from Oklahoma City (Oklahoma) to Kansas City (Missuri)
WT Stage 147 from Pensacola (USA Florida) to Oklahoma City (Oklahoma)
WT Stage 146 from Orlando (USA Florida) to Pensacola (USA Florida)
WT Stage 145 from Havana (Cuba) to Orlando (USA Florida)
WT Stage 144 from Nassau to Havana (Cuba)
WT Stage 143 from Santo Domingo (Domenican Repubblic) To Nassau
WT Stage 142 from Anguilla to Santo Domingo (Domenican Repubblic)
WT Stage 141 from Guadalupa to Anguilla
WT Stage 139 from Caracas (Venezuela) to Arima (Trinidad e Tobago)
WT Stage 138 from Santa Elena de Uairen (Venezuela) to Caracas (Venezuela)
WT Stage 137 from Cayenna (French Guyana) to Santa Elena de Uairen (Venezuela)
WT Stage 136 from Macapà (Brasil) to Cayenna (French Guyana)
WT Stage 135 from Manaus (Brasil) to Macapà (Brasil
WT Stage 134 from Alta Floresta (Brasil) to Manaus (Brasil)
WT Stage 133 from Brasilia (Brasil) to Alta Floresta (Brasil)
WT Stage 132 from Belo Horizonte (Brasil) to Brasilia (Brasil)
WT Stage 131 from Sao Paolo (Brasil) to Belo Horizonte (Brasil)
WT Stage 130 from Montevideo (Uruguay) to Sao Paolo (Brasil)
WT Stage 129 from Baiha Bianca (Argentina) to Montevideo (Uruguay)
WT Stage 128 from Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina) to Baiha Bianca (Argentina)
WT Stage 127 Puerto Williams (Cile) to Comodoro Rivadavia (Argentina)
WT Stage 126 from Puerto Natales (Cile) to Puerto Williams (Cile)
WT Stage 125 from Perito Moreno (Cile) to Puerto Natales (Cile)
WT Stage 124 from Puerto Montt (Cile) to Perito Moreno (Cile)
WT Stage 123 from Santiago del Cile (Cile) to Puerto Montt (Cile)
WT Stage 122 from La Serena (Cile) to Santiago del Cile (Cile)
WT Stage 121 from Atacama (Cile) to La Serena (Cile)
WT Stage 120 from La Paz (Bolivia) to Atacama (Cile)
WT Stage 119 from Nazca (Perù) La Paz (Bolivia)
WT Stage 118 from Cajamarca (Perù) to Nazca (Perù)
WT Stage 117 from Quito (Ecuador) to Cajamarca (Peru)
WT Stage 116 from Bogotà (Colombia) to Quito (Ecuador)
WT Stage 115 from Panama to Bogotà (Colombia)
WT Stage 114 from San Jose (Costa Rica) to Panama
WT Stage 113 from Guatemala City (Guatemala) to San Jose (Costa Rica)
WT Stage 112 from Tulum (Mexico) to Guatemala City (Guatemala)
WT Stage 111 from Palenque (Mexico) to Tulum (Mexico)
WT Stage 110 from Mexico City (Mexico) to Palenque (Mexico)
WT Stage 109 from Hermosillo (Mexico) to Mexico City (Mexico)
WT Stage 108 from Los Angeles (California) to Hermosillo (Mexico)
WT Stage 107 from Yosemite (California) to Los Angeles (California)
WT Stage 106 from Gran Canyon (Arizona USA) to Yosemite (California)
WT Stage 105 from Aspen (Colorado USA) to Gran Canyon (Arizona USA)
WT Stage 104 from Yellowstone (Wyoming USA) to Aspen (Colorado USA)
WT Stage 103 from Astoria (USA) to Yellowstone (Wyoming USA)
WT Stage 102 from Vancouver (Canada) to Astoria (Oregon USA)
WT Stage 101 from Calgary (Canada) to Vancouver (Canada)