WT Stage 22 from Samarcanda (Uzbekistan) to Oš (in Kirghizistan)

WT Stage 1 - from Milano to Salerno (Italy)
WT Stage 2 - from Salerno to Trapani (Italy)
[WT Stage 3 - from Trapani to Taranto (Italy)]
[WT Stage 4 - from Taranto (Italy) to Athens (Greek)]
[WT Stage 5 - from Athens (Greek) to kastellorizo (Greek/Turkey)]
[WT Stage 6 - from kastellorizo (Greek/Turkey) to Beirut (Lebanon)]
WT Stage 7 - from Beirut (Lebanon) to St Catherin (Egypt)
[WT Stage 8 - from St Catherin (Egypt) toMedina (Saudi Arabia)]
WT Stage 9 - from Medina (Saudi Arabia) to Wadi ad-Dawasir (Saudi Arabia)
WT Stage 10 - from Wadi ad-Dawasir (Saudi Arabia) to Manama (Bahrein)
WT Stage 11 - Manama (Bahrein) > Bandar Abbass (Iran)
WT Stage 12 - Bandar Abbas to Yazd (Iran)
WT Stage 13 - from Yazd (Iran) to Bassora (Iran)
WT Stage 14 - from Bassora (Iran) to Mosul (Iran)
WT Stage 15 - from Mosul (Iran) to Batumi (Georgia)
WT Stage 16 - from Batumi (Georgia) to Baku (Arzebajian)
WT Stage 17 - from Baku (Arzebajian) to Teheran (Iran)
WT Stage 18 - from Teheran (Iran) to Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)
WT Stage 19 - from Ashgabat (Turkmenistan) to Nukus (Uzbekystan)
WT Stage 20 - from Nukus (Uzbekystan) to Qyzylorda (Kazakistan) Aral Sea zone
WT Stage 21 - from Qyzylorda (Kazakistan) to Samarcanda (Uzbekistan)

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WT Stage 31 from Leh (India) to New Dehli (India)
WT Stage 49 from Badjo (Komodo) to Suai (Timor Est)
WT Stage 56 from to Hobart (Tasmania) Te Anau (New Zealand)
WT Stage 55 from Sidney (Australia) to Hobart (Tasmania)
WT Stage 54 from Broken Hill (Australia) to Sidney (Australia)
WT Stage 53 from Marla (Australia) to Broken Hill (Australia)
WT Stage 52 from Le Granites (Australia) to Marla (Australia)
WT Stage 51 from Darwin (Australia) to Le Granites (Australia)
WT Stage 50 from Suai (Timor Est) to Darwin (Australia)
WT Stage 48 from Malang (Giava) to Badjo (Komodo)
WT Stage 47 from Jakarta (Indonesia) to Malang (Giava)
WT Stage 46 from Padang (Indonesia) to Jakarta (Indonesia)
WT Stage 45 from Kuala Lumpur (Malesia) to Padang (Indonesia)
WT Stage 44 from Ko Samui (Thailand) to Kuala Lumpur (Malesia)
WT Stage 43 from Siem Reap (Cambogia) to Ko Samui (Thailand)
WT Stage 42 from Chiang Rai (Thailand) to Siem Reap (Cambogia)
WT Stage 41 from Lijang (China) to Chiang Rai (Thailand)
WT Stage 40 from Hanzhong (China) to Lijang (China)
WT Stage 39 from Jinchang (China) to Hanzhong (China)
WT Stage 38 from Dunhuang (China) to Jinchang (China)
WT Stage 37 from Golmud (China) to Dunhuang (China)
WT Stage 36 from Lhasa (Tibet) to Golmud (China)
WT Stage 35 from Lukla (Nepal) to Lhasa (Tibet)
WT Stage 34 from Simikot (Nepal) to Lukla (Nepal)
WT Stage 33 from Varanasi (India) to Simikot (Nepal)
WT Stage 32 from New Dehli (India) to Varanasi (India)
WT Stage 30 from Moskovskiy (Tagikistan) to Leh (India)
WT Stage 29 from Kashgar (China) to Moskovskiy (Tagikistan)
WT Stage 28 from Hotan (China) to Kashgar (China)
WT Stage 27 from Aksu (China) to Hotan (China)
WT Stage 26 from Korla (China) to Aksu (China)
WT Stage 112 from Tulum (Mexico) to Guatemala City (Guatemala)
WT Stage 24 from Taldykorgan (Kazakistan) to Altay (China)
WT Stage 23 from Oš (in Kirghizistan) to Taldykorgan (Kazakistan)
WT Stage 25 from Altay (China) to Korla (China)
WT Stage 111 from Palenque (Mexico) to Tulum (Mexico)
WT Stage 110 from Mexico City (Mexico) to Palenque (Mexico)
WT Stage 109 from Hermosillo (Mexico) to Mexico City (Mexico)
WT Stage 108 from Los Angeles (California) to Hermosillo (Mexico)
WT Stage 107 from Yosemite (California) to Los Angeles (California)
WT Stage 106 from Gran Canyon (Arizona USA) to Yosemite (California)
WT Stage 105 from Aspen (Colorado USA) to Gran Canyon (Arizona USA)
WT Stage 104 from Yellowstone (Wyoming USA) to Aspen (Colorado USA)
WT Stage 103 from Astoria (USA) to Yellowstone (Wyoming USA)
WT Stage 102 from Vancouver (Canada) to Astoria (Oregon USA)
WT Stage 101 from Calgary (Canada) to Vancouver (Canada)
WT Stage 100 from Fort St James (Canada) to Calgary (Canada)
WT Stage 99 from Petersburg (USA) to Fort St James (Canada)
WT Stage 97 from Iliamma (USA) to Icy Bay (Canada)
WT Stage 96 from Fort Yukon (USA) to Iliamma (USA)
WT Stage 95 from Barrow (USA) to Fort Yukon (USA)
WT Stage 94 from Shishmaref (USA) to Barrow (USA)
WT Stage 93 fromPevek (Russia) Shishmaref (USA)
WT Stage 90-91-92 from Aldan (Russia) to Jakutsk-Deputatskij-Pevek
WT Stage 89 from Nižneangarsk (Russia) to Aldan (Russia)
WT Stage 88 from Ulan Bator (Mongolia) to Nižneangarsk (Russia)
WT Stage 87 from Olgii (Mongolia) to Ulan Bator (Mongolia)
WT Stage 86 from Altai (Mongolia) to Olgii (Mongolia)
WT Stage 3 - from Trapani to Taranto (Italy)
WT Stage 85 from Khanbumbar (Mongolia) to Altai (Mongolia)
WT Stage 84 from Běijīng (China) to Khanbumbar (Mongolia)
WT Stage 83 from Pyongyang (North Corea) to Běijīng (China)
WT Stage 81 from Sapporo (Japan) to Vladivostok (Russia)
WT Stage 82 from Vladivostok (Russia) to Pyongyang (North Corea)
WT Stage 80 from Fuji (Japan) to Sapporo (Japan)
WT Stage 79 from Nakasaki (Japan) to Fuji (Japan)
WT Stage 78 from Shangai (China) to Nakasaki (Japan)
WT Stage 77 from Fuzhou (China) to Shangai (China)
WT Stage 76 from Hong Kong to Fuzhou (China)
WT Stage 75 from Davao-Manila (Philippines) to Hong Kong
WT Stage 73/74 from Sorong (New Guinea) to Davao-Manila (Philippines)
WT Stage 70-71-72 from Salomone to New Britain, Tari, Sorong (New Guinea)
WT Stage 66-67-68-69 from Samoa to Tuvalu \ Tarawa \ Nauru \ Salomone
WT Stage 64/65 from Fiji to Tonga and Samoaa
WT Stage 62/63 from New Caledonia to Vanuatu and Fiji
WT Stage 60/61 from Kaitaia (New Zealand) to Kingston (Nortfolk) and New Caledonia
WT Stage 59 from from Wellington (New Zealand) to Kaitaia (New Zealand)
WT Stage 56 from Te Anau (New Zealand) Lake Tekapo (New Zealand) (ONE OF BEST TRIP EVER MADE!)
WT Stage 57 from Te Anau (New Zealand) to Lake Tekapo (New Zealand)
WT Stage 58 from Lake Tekapo (New Zealand) to Wellington (New Zealand)