WTT Mode

Can someone please explain me WTT mode, and how it interacts with PMS GTN 750 mod for example.

YES !! Looking forward to see a full, detailed description of WTT Mode, formally documented in the SDK – but since it is in continual development and change as it evolves, we may not see that till after it’s development is completed.

So for now, to figure out what it really is, or is becoming, one has to read a lot of mixed and random posts in both the Forums, and on numerous Discord servers …

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WTT needs to be enabled in a particular plane. Having a GTN750 doesn’t necessarily enable it.

Once it is though, it replaces the stock sim nav / flight planning system with the WorkingTitle nav system at the core of the G1000NXi.

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So it’s not something I have to worry about really? If the plane has it it has it, and if using an addon avionics PMS 750 or 530 or one of the WT ones like 3000 or GX, I just download and use as normal?

Only a limited number of planes use it at the moment. It’s baked into some planes directly. Others require you to download a small package from PMS50 to enable it in that plane for the GTN750. You can see what aircraft are on this page:


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The only GPS system using WTT is the PMS50 750 and the G1000 as far as I know. For the G1000, it’s built in and you don’t have to do anything. For the PMS50 GTN750, there is an extra package you must download in addition to the PMS50 750 mod, that is specific to that airplane. It enables WTT mode but importantly is forces the 750 to be the only option on that plane.

WTT addons and the list of compatible planes is found on the PMS50 site.

As for features, it handles flight plans way better and includes vertical constraints, all types of approaches like RNAV and visual approaches, holds, and misses approaches, things limited or missing from the stock avionics in any plane without the G1000 (or a custom airliner).

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Check out the documentation pdf at pms50.com, it is explained fully in a section of that document.

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