WU16 MKJS Jetways and parking positions on Gates 1-6

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GAYA’s airport MKJS jetways 1-6 are not placed correctly. They dont move other than directly to the aircraft so stop point has to be much further ahead than the markings on the ground. This also makes GSX editing almost impossible because the aircraft is almost crashing into the wall. Also the jetway on gate 2 is to short so it will not connect.

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ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Debug > Display position)


Of note, the moving jetways at said airport won’t move with the Horizon Sim 787-9

There is whole bunch of issues here at the parking positions 1-6 if you compare with the satellite pictue of the real airport (assuming they didn’t remodel their whole apron since this was taken :wink: )

I created a picture to compare with the addon here, blue lines here are where parking positions should be, orange the jetways that are in the wrong position.

  • Gate 1 the jetways is fine, but the parking should be much further forward to accomodate the heavies on this gate.
  • Gate 2 is probably the most broken, the jetways doesn’t even connect on the 737 here. As you can see the jetway should attach to the small extension of the terminal, not to the left of that. The shape probably can stay the same once it is in the right position, but then also the parking position needs to be much further to the left and farther back. Not that this gate is not on the same level with parking as all the others!
  • Gate 3 the parking needs to be further to the left and closer to the gate. Also the jetway attaches to the left of the tower, not to the right.
  • Gate 4-6: Jetway attachment points looks fine to me, but all the parking spots are too far right and too far away from the terminal.

Nicely done. So its the markings on the ground for the most part. Have you looked at MDPP as well? There all the jetways and markings are wrong :joy:

Hi there,

There is quite a big issue with this scenery around stand 6.