WU6 First Impression Screenshots

Nueschwanstein Castle:

Landwasser Viaduct area:



Pennine Alps Discovery Flight:




FIRST IMPRESSOIN OF WU6?? Messed up, wont install…

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I will be delighted to give my first impressions when I finally get the product to upgrade today. Constant looping of the download process on steam is not really giving me the ability to have a first impression… Or is it?

Have you tried the suggestion below for looping downloads. (From the “known issues” page)

  • Your installation loops and crashes.
    • Workaround:
      • If you have Process Lasso, MSI, or any GPU/CPU apps open, close out of them and try again.

Nice. Here is mine approaching Geneva after 8h in flight. Complete instrument blackout requiring fly by hand approach to LSGG, a very challenging approach and no localizer or GLS available due to no instruments.

Doesn’t matter, CTD’d on final anyway after somehow not hitting any mountains and finding the runway.

I don’t even know what most of those are, let alone have them open. Never had this happen before, and I changed nothing on my system.

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I am not impressed.
This is what Vorarlberg (the most western state of Austria, next to Switzerland) looks like after the update (same as it looked before).

(This is how that mountain looks IRL: Datei:Dornbirn Breitenberg 03.jpg – Wikipedia)

Drastic color differences between various images:

The Körbersee was voted as “Austria’s most beautiful place” in 2015. This is what it looks like in MSFS after a “World Update Austria”:

IRL: Körbersee – Wikipedia and BERGFEX-Sehenswürdigkeiten - Naturjuwel Körbersee - Warth - Schröcken am Arlberg - Ausflugsziel - Sightseeing

Nearby we have this monster:

Everything is on ultra, cache cleared, restarted PC and game - nope, that’s just how it looks I guess.

Wow @ysubplays check your settings (Bing data ?), clear cache… did you install the Germany bundle from Market place ? that does not look right… the top image “hedge like” forest boundaries I’ve seen elsewhere, but the other mountain examples I can’t confirm. Looks like low-mode… sometimes it helps to switch a bit between low and ultra settings (?)

My first impression of WU-6 is positive. Life weather looks great, all aircraft I like work… and I did not see heavy frame rate loss, like previous world updates that improved on LOD…

I also like this new option: “off screen scenery caching” on ultra, it solves not only camera turn, but popping issues too.

I like these new “raymarched reflections”… less pixelated, sharper… I wonder if they use a DX-12 shader to do this…

btw when I approach this island near Madeira LPMA, with Medium graphics settings, it looks bad. Only when I get near, about 2 miles or less, it shows these steep cliffs on the coast. I’ve seen that more often in MSFS. When things go near vertical… most times the result is low poly, or even invisible (the sea shines through)

Yeah I though so too. But other areas look just as they are supposed to look, the new airports are fine, everything is there. But I did check Bing Maps now and there you can see exactly the problem one sees in the sim.

I must have my general settings wrong as I have not been able to achieve that level of clarity in the alps. The mountains including Matterhorn, Eiger and Jungfrau are still rounded and not at all as jagged as pictured here. Can any one help?

After the main mandatory base simulator update, did you then install the World Update VI bundle from the Marketplace?

In case you were not aware, this where the higher resolution terrain mesh comes from, and then requires a simulator reboot after installation for it to show up correctly. This is how Jungfrau appears on my system:

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Thanks for your reply.
Yes I had downloaded the WU6 but I thought it might be an idea to delete and reinstall it. When I checked the content I found that there had been 4.8GiB but now 10.48 GiB. However that has not improved things. In Content Manager, if I select WU6 and click on the lines on the right a series of 17 elements of the update are shown but none refers to the mesh or terrain or similar expressions.
Is there still something missing, do you think?
My general settings are :-
Render scaling 100
V-sync off
Anti aliasing TAA
Terrain detail 100
Pre caching High
Terrain Vector Ultra
Buildings High

These were all set as advised by someone on another thread. And the others are probably not relevant.
I’ll have to go and learn how to take screen shots and upload them! A bit different from 2 floppy discs!
Thanks again for bothering with me.

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OK learnt how to screenshot. now to get some onto here.
Evidence of download

State of Settings

Unsatisfactory Result

That’s not how I remember the Matterhorn!

My guess is I don’t have the whole of WU6 but I did delete it and downloaded again.

Zendesk reference 124841

Hi again @BossierFoot59. Your screenshot at the end there shows that you do not have the Bing maps photographic textures enabled and the sim has defaulted to its low resolution off line alternative.

To enable these, go to Options > General > Data, look for ‘Bing Data World Graphics’ & ‘Photogrammetry’, and select these to ‘ON’. They sometimes gets set to ‘OFF’ when a sim or world update is installed.

You can also try setting your terrain level of detail in your Options > General > Graphics to ‘200’ if your system can handle it and upping your render scaling. I have mine set to ‘130’.

Let me know how you get on, and if you still need help, I’m happy to trouble shoot with you until we get your sim looking better. Cheers!

I still have the same issue, of Bing Maps data not loading. I started a flight, and it seemed fine, but at some point I started getting only the usual offline terrain, which looks awful. I’ve tried switching my Online Functionality off, saving it, then on again, and it hasn’t helped. I also deleted and recreated my rolling cache after downloading the latest update. It’s very frustrating.

@ThermalFungus6, there was an official announcement 13 days ago relating to Bing maps data dropping offline (see below). This only affected my sim momentarily and has not reoccurred since World Update 6 was released.

[KNOWN ISSUE] Bing data streaming - #3

Many Thanks. That has improved things almost to memory standard with moraines on the glaciers as well. I think I have spent a year wishing that mountains were better and trying various add-ons to improve detail.
I can now enjoy reliving my Alpine Hiking middle age from my rig!
Best Regards

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Glad it worked for you, enjoy the scenery!