WU6: Scenery of Vienna is totally broken

I would say that whatever the server problems were post update 5, they’re still there.

Your internet capability and that of downloads from the marketplace etc is pretty much irrelevant. Something is still clearly wrong with the streaming of data to the game.

Enough people are having these issues do say with a reasonable degree of certainty that it is not their end where the problem lies.

90% of our issues are due to server load. fun idea to create an online environment, but your server farms need to be able to handle 100 000 40M/bit concurrent streams for the Photogrammetry to load properly.


I’m inclined to agree. I think the morphing, messed up AI buildings, melted PG, ATC issues, stutters etc are all likely caused in part by the data streaming.

Do you ever find that one day the sim runs great and then the next it just seems to struggle without you changing anything? You read countless posts on here where people experience that, then go off on a tangent ranting against Asobo, changing their settings, re-installing the game, re-installing Windows, changing their drivers, clearing out Community folders etc etc. and none of it works. I’m certain that it’s all completely pointless, because it’s all down to the streaming of data from the servers. Tomorrow it’ll probably all be fine again.

If anything in that data streaming chain is not working 100% then the game suffers.

That is 100% my experience, from CTDs through to poor scenery rendering. After many months of testing and tweaking, I am now 100% certain most issues are server load, and has been exasperated with the addition of all the console players. And that is not a poke at those guys either… I love my Xbox!

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CTD’s too. Forgot that one too! I’d bet at least 3/4’s of them are down to streaming problems.

I’ve nothing against XBOX players at all. The more the merrier, and I hate that some individuals characterise them all as kids who want to dive bomb their house. I think though that the extra demand on the servers has undoubtedly caused problems, and many of these rants against graphical downgrades etc post SU5 were actually simply server problems.

Just one point re streaming data. Instead of focussing on your broadband speed, check what ping rate is to your FS2020 server. I was defaulted to one with a 300ms ping (slow) and chose a faster one (30ms ping). Your connection is only as fast as the first bottleneck. I only have a 30MBPS broadband and haven’t seen many streaming issues. (XBox series X at 4K)
I fly about all over the place including Vienna recently and I had a daily data stream download of 1GB or so. To put that in perspective a 1 hr of a HD movie could easily be a few GB in size.

ping in on average a 56 Byte packet. RTT and bandwidth are not the same thing. I could get a 30ms ping with 14.4K modem with a 56Byte packet. You need consistent 30-40 Mbit per second to properly stream photogrammetry data, anything less than that will result in melted buildings etc. Especially if it is the first time you have visited the city, and you have not cached any of the photogrammetry data. For those of us who have been on this platform since release over a year ago, have certainly seen a degradation of performance over that time.

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Fair enough, but give me a low ping server any day. I used to see connection type warnings occasionally popping up, I don’t now that I’ve changed servers. I did also change cache size up from the default 8GB to 40GB and cleared it prior ro running after latest updates.

Degredation of connection speed is inevitable the more users that simultaneously stream from same servers especially if coupled with doing so on day of release when everyone is downloading the install files too.

How do you explain the tiny 1GB of data downloaded per day for streaming. Do I need that 1GB at super fast dowloaded speed? I only ever see issues with my slowish 30MBPS broadband when trying to stream 4K video. I doubt 1GB of FS data a day is going to jam it up.

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There’s something quite strange on my XBox FS!!! While many other cities look great (New YOrk, San Francisco, London, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurig…), Vienna looks pretty bad, as it looked before the last World Update (Germany, Switzerland and Austria).
The buildings, apart from a few famous ones that has been actually improved (mostly inside the ring), look just like many other generic buildings applied here and there by the AI. No photogrammetry, no mashing…
Now I’ve see that, apart from some graphic issues, the photogrammetry is there but not in my XBox!
Does anybody experience the same problem?

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I can explain it this way. You are approaching a photogrammetry city. The data required from the server to display that city is 100MB Now, you are flying ay 100knts, so you are covering say 170 feet per second. Do you want that photogrammetry to load at 1Mb per second, taking 800 seconds to load and you have travelled 22 Nautical miles by the time it has loaded. Or do you want it to load at 40Mbs so that it takes 20sec to load. and you have travelled 0.55 of a nautical mile. See my point? Data volume is not important, it is the bandwidth that is important.

** byte and bit calculations are rounded for easy math**

I’m just making the point photogrammetry hasn’t looked bad from a filling in scenery POV on my slowish 30MBPS broadband. I guess if I was to jump in a F15 and fly at speed at low level over a photogrammetry city I may start to notice issues more.
You are also calculating that all content is all streamed. There is probably at least some data already downloaded as part of the install and some more cached pre flight. You can’t assume that it starts completely from zero surely.
You must also see that there could be slow bottlenecks or indeed (some throttling back to balance loads) on FS servers at busy times. Just because you have the FS setting toggled to ‘stream content at my broadband bandwidth’ or whatever the setting is doesn’t necessarily mean that you are guaranteed to get that speed. Some people think that it does. That is really my point, I’m not arguing with your data loading theory especially if it involves skimming past scenery at low level/high speed.
I mean I jumped down to street level with the drone in Berlin two days ago just for a peek. You do see photogrammetry being loaded a bit, but it didn’t feel that slow/bad for me.
There are however some good and some bad photogrammetry cities in FS it would seem. Vienna isn’t great. Parts of Berlin neither. Hamburg looks much better. You also have to factor in that these places were never meant for pixel peeping/street level analysis, only to look good from above at whatever height you deem that to be.

i fly GA, so 1000 to 1500ft is what I call an acceptable height, down to 500ft.

Is your nzmf Milford fjord airport normal?

Looks ok to me. Only minor cliff faces popping in but I expect that. Not been here before. Beautiful location.

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On my XBOX, Vienna photogrammetry was not available right after the World Update release. It suddenly appeared a few days later and it looked good, having the same loading speed problems as usual but at least was there.
Now it has disappeared again! No Photogrammetry at all. Vienna looks again like a pretty common european town…

Vienna photogrammetry is back again…

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Since WU6 GAYA LOWW is completly broken. Trees on the airport, ground texture half gaya half native flightsim, disappearing cars on the parking, FPS drops… I wrote an email to Gayasim but after 1 week i still got no response. They anounced no update… So i strongly advise against buying this scenery!!!
I am really disappointed…

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It’s a Mystery - you could even write a song about it … signed Midge