WU6: Scenery of Vienna is totally broken

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Scenery of Vienna is totally broken
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only POIs work

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Just fly with Ultra Settings over Vienna, Altitude 3000ft
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Terrible apocalyptic photogrammetry of Vienna - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Have you flown in other photogrammetry cities? I’m not seeing anything in these screenshots that looks different than other photogrammetry cities (but I’m also on my phone now so maybe I’m missing something).


this looks a lot like a network problem. Either Server overload or your connection to slow.

I flew over Vienna mnultiple times since release - as this is where i live - and with Ultra Settings the scenery looked great, with very clear buidlings and not the downscaled, melted buildings like in your screenshots.

OP this looks just like NYC as well. This IS photogrammetry – it rarely, if ever, looks anything like the MSFS ads we see. Totally aree @N316TS

Here’s NYC taking off from JFK…


Just checked Frankfurt, there is the same problem.

In Frankfurt

Outside Frankfurt

I have a 100 Mbit Connection btw.

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Here’s another user’s example of NYC. All “normal”

Looks like every photogrammetry city I’ve seen when zoomed.

No it isn’t. Munich works great. Vienna is horrible. But I also expect it’s network related, since more people are flying there to check it out because it’s new


Probably smth is wrong with your network or ISP.


Same here!

I think this is about as good PG can be.


Just checked my connection. Download from marketplace about 105 MB/s.

Not your network. Microsoft’s. Everyone is trying to stream the same data because Vienna is new and thus more popular.

I never see these photogammetry issues and I think its because I live in Australia and connect to some lightly loaded Azure servers. My updates are equally fast. Pretty sure this is caused by over loaded Azure servers. Seriously, I have never had this issue ever.

<< touches wood >>

With a worldwide CDN I can’t imagine the issue lies at MS servers. I’m always able to download with around 300mbit/s, even during peak update times.

Sorry, but it’s a personal problem. Maybe normal Buildings don’t have the resolution like POI’s but you can find on every place the original buildings and from 1500 feet it looks absolute perfect. Yes if you go down you have to accept that it’s not perfect, but it’s a flight simulator, not a bus simulator! Everybody who lives long enough in Vienna can identify the following places:

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My vienna looks live Google and flightsim.to images :frowning:

I’m sure one day it will be that good … only just remember to close your curtains

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Can’t be. To me, England still looks so broken. Although my internet is 200k.