Terrible apocalyptic photogrammetry of Vienna

As Vienna (LOWW) is my homebase, i am shocked how ugly the photogrammetry is there after WU6. I visited Frankfurt too and this is much better visualized. I have now tuned off photogrammetry and go with the LOWW payware and vienna landmarks payware. And yes, i have a fast internet connection (250 mbit/s)


Free scenery for an entire country inferior in detail to payware scenery for one specific airport/city, more details in our 11 o’clock edition.



Ever since the UK world update, all new photogrammetry sucks. Only Paris is barely acceptable compared to all other PG cities that shipped with the game including Japan and US world updates.

They really need to find a new data provider for the photogrammetry. I don’t want them to keep making their virtual Earth with this quality.


Agreed. Hamburg looks decent though, although the coverage is pretty limited and doesn’t entail the entire city.

My experience is BlackShark AI has vastly improved this go around removing a few ugly mistakes where I regularly fly, by no means is it perfect but as it should the AI is learning.

Specifically there’s one long since removed and replaced power plant locally that had a long coal chute.

AI had no idea what to make of it so you got a giant doorstop with huge pointy objects instead of smokestacks. The building is no longer a doorstop and the chimneys are no longer pointy.

Now if we could address the fact the last of those chimneys was destroyed in 2015 that would be great.:smiley:


Every PG place in the world looks like that, with rare exception.


Berlin is bad too. So many blurry textures in simple buildings as well as more complex ones. Was THIS an update ?
On a side note, even with the new update I found London to be slow in loading textures. Paris and New york were fine, but too monochrome / greyish for my taste.

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I must be the only one who doesn’t find anything wrong with the Vienna photogrammetry. I was pleasantly surprised how large the covered area is and from 2000 ft it looks crips enough to me.

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BTW, since the recent update, I got TWICE (and for the first time since ever) the message about bandwidth being too low and asking you to disable photogrammetry or something. Are other people experiencing that too ? Does the game suddenly struggle to load high res textures ? I am puzzled.

Never got this message

at least in this topic you seem to be the only one

You’ll have to ignore the wide screen stretches, I assure you it looks far better with TrackIR on, the blurry bits are lost in periphery and that I know nothing about Vienna but this all looks bad?

Of note if colours look subdued I run reduced digital vibrance in nVidia settings at 37%

Graz Austria is the best PG city of WU6.

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maybe there is an issue for me to load data not fast enough, but again, i have an 250mb/s connection

Cycle your Photogramrity off, save, and back on save.
Also the same for live data, and delete your cache and re-create while your at it.

its very common post update to have either the live streaming data turned off or just not work post update, even when its on. Cycling the settings helps.

This has happened to me quite a bit, and I make it part of my routine post update, which is to say I check EVERYTHING, and reset what I know has not worked in the past…


Agree! Photogrammetry is poorly implemented in this sim. It works sometimes, other times there’s nothing but triangles or melted pyramids where buildings should be, and I have an extremely fast internet connection. Haven’t been impressed with the consistency of MSFS’s photogrammetry.

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You may have a fine connection but somewhere between you and the content servers may be the issue?

FTFY. I think the tech on a whole is poor but I’m in the minority on this. I would much rather them invest in making auto-gen more accurate. Photogrammetry has always promised more than it can deliver. Eg. PG trees are still blobs so they have to hide them with a ton of extra vegetation which doesn’t exist IRL making many cities seem overrun by a jungle. The materials of glass skyscrapers are dull and don’t reflect the shiny materials that compose them.

1 year in we still have melted buildings and green blobs for trees. PG is a great idea, but I suspect in order to stream it they have to round it down so much that it just doesn’t work as intended.

AI giveth and AI taketh away.


yes, it appears so. its inconsistent

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Maybe you changed your LOD scalings in usercfg.opt ? I’ve a 50Mbit modem here, when I set the LOD-Scalings to 5.0000, my internet connection cannot keep up over Amsterdam.

A LOD-scaling of 5.0000 improves photogrammetry, at least for Amsterdam it does improve a bit (e.g. square windows). Check it out for Vienna… but you’ll need a good internet connection and some luck with the server you are connected to. Folks with high end hardware will enjoy this trick, but rolling cache is advised !