WWII Aircraft Carriers

I’m wondering if there are any 3rd party WWII aircraft carriers available. These would be sweet to use with the F3F that was just released, as well as the F4F and F6F that are planned, and any other WWII navy aircraft that come along the way.

There’s a fair few in here - Aircraft Carrier Group - Volume 2 » Microsoft Flight Simulator

But I’m running out of ideas where to place more. Search ‘WW2’ in the flight planning screen and they’ll show up.

If you’re on Xbox there won’t be any joy though.


Midway Island!

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Midway, the Marshals Islands, Guam would work, Wake Island would work, even some airfields (assumed still visible in Hawaii Islands) I know Barbers Point still had Runway in 2005 when I went back to see it, think Reserve P3 squadron was still flying there. You will have to look around for them. Anchorages, for the carriers now that would be the Islands Chain south of AK. We have a lot of airfields and anchorages there during WWII.


All noted. There is a Midway Island mod now which I wouldn’t want to clash with so I’ll put something a few miles away.

I spent ages trying to figure out the locations of carriers during the actual battle of Midway but couldn’t find anything precise enough. Anyone know?

Do a search, as some famous underwater team has found at least two of them where they are resting on ocean floor. There are detailed maps, try Wikipedia and search battle of midway.

Yup. And they’re not revealing where they are.

All that’s out there are some low res illustrations from history sites with a few thousand of miles of leeway.

US carriers were northeast of Midway, Japanese carriers to the Northwest of Midway. At least part of the Japanese fleet was close enough to be spotted by a US PBY from Midway, and they would have been in range to launch attacks on Midway. I think the US carriers were close to due east of the Japanese fleet, far enough to push the range of the dive and torpedo bombers to find and hit the Japanese and be able to return, but close enough to be attacked by Japanese planes at the end of the battle. Some trigonometry might provide approximate locations, but that’s not really my forte.
EDIT: Not a great map, but the center of the map at this link does show relative positions. The US appears to have been more north of Midway at the farthest point, and there is a scale at the bottom right: https://www.britannica.com/study/comparison-of-ships-during-the-battle-of-midway

Yeah, that was my thought. That Midway WW2 mod is just beautiful and well done, and it would be epic to have your carriers combined with it!

Link to the Midway Island mod?

Also Wake

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Ok, got both. So, I open MSFS, setup C-17 at either, no destination just flying around. Will program default to add on scenery, or will it make me choose scenery. In FSX, if you add on scenery, that is default as I understand it. Which is good because native scenery for Midway, IS in FSX is really bad. Going to see what I see later on when not going to be interrupted with “honey do’s”
Oh, as aside, do a Wikipedia search on Midway, Island and now believe US Park Service has taken over airfield and facilities. DOD does not use it for much, and mostly it’s an emergency airfield for trans–Pac commercial aviation. Three accidents (well not really-but emergency landing) one being a 747. I have (MSFS-Native scenery) used PMDY as a flight test location for months, trying out all kind of planes, and practicing the 787 and 747 to see how well they perform. There is one RNAV approach in the sim you can setup for RWY 24. Officially, there are several RNAV approaches you can download from Sky vector.

Ok, installed midway WW-II scenery, and flew around in the F-14, it appears both islands are larger than now. I am going to google earth Midway to try to get an accurate representation of exactly how they look now. But seeing the B-17’s and the other planes was cool.