X-56 HOTAS Rotary 3 & 4

Has anyone found a useful function for the 2 rotaries on the throttle base? I have tried a couple but nothing that works good. Tried one for heading knob and one for alt knob but being an axis it just continuously increases or decreases rather than position=setting.

I may have to do a full profile within the Logitech someday.

Not found a use for those yet but I do have some pretty sweet two button mappings to control most of the AP/Nav/G1000 settings using the scroll wheel on the left throttle.

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I have one set to prop pitch and the other for elevator trim.

The slider is a bit wonky too. I haven’t been able to get that to really work effectively for anything either.

I was going to set the slider on my x-55 to the parking brake. But it seems mine may have been defective from when I got it because when I slide it to on, the parking brake will randomly toggle on and off by itself.

Haven’t figured out a use for the RTY’s either, tried binding them to the interior light dimmer axes, doesn’t seem to do anything though.

I used one for the Speedbrake on the A320 and the other is still unused (will be used in future for dimming).

I map my slider to “HOLD THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST” - works brilliantly…
When it’s on the prop is in Beta and you dial up the exact amount of reverse thrust required with the throttle. When it’s off the prop is in forward pitch.


Hm, that’s actually a great use for the slider… Wish my wasn’t broken when I bought my throttles… Maybe I should take it apart and see if it’s something obvious I can fix.

Hey - quick question…by having the slider assigned to speedbrake (to extend/decrease?), do you still have to assign another button to engage speedbrake for takeoff and landings or is they also mapped somehow to the same slider?

Hey there - The speedbrake is assigned to the Speedbrake Axis and is being toggled by another button (in my case SW2).

cool thanks