X Box Series X with Thrustmaster Hotas ONE Sensitivity Settings DO NOT STAY SAVED

I haven’t had any issues with my HOTAS one. I bought it in October of 2021 and it works well.

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Bought mine in December. Works great.

There is a YouTube video on this issue, yaw jitters. He takes it apart and cleans pots with alcohol to fix. Repair looks a little fussy but he says it works great.

Yes, I had a problem with one of the controls. In my case, the aileron control could get very noisy especially around the zero-crossing, and that could crop up even if the controls were not moving. I brought it to the attention of customer support but, because I couldn’t find my original receipt, they couldn’t do anything about it. I purchase a second unit from an online supplier and made a point of keeping my purchase records. So far it’s working OK especially after getting rid of the detent in the middle of the throttle movement and firming up the throttle movement.

Still, I would like to try fixing my original unit so I’ll look for the YouTube link.

I tried the Velocity One solution but really prefer a flight stick. Here’s hoping that a better controller will become available soon as the Xbox user group grows.

How did you firm up the throttle, it’s way too loose?

I agree with MrGrayMouser911…the throttle feels “loose”, wish I could firm it up somehow…but it works fine.

There are some threads, YouTube videos, etc. with suggestions for fixes.

One that seemed pretty good was getting self-adhesive Velcro and applying the fuzzy part to the handle’s curved part down in the slot. This would create friction as it passes by the upper casing.

The simplest and quickest is to try altering the tension on the spring. Some have said this helps.

Yeah I’ve seen all the fixes on youtube, but one thing they all have in common is they say the problem comes back and they do the fix like a few times a month. So in general that really shouldn’t be. So if I had a choice to replace mine i can’t trust that company. This is gonna sound so barbaric but the only way I have had some success in limiting the vibration is by hitting it physically, very old school method hahah that seems to help. I’m getting a new one anyway and this time its no stick. I’m going with the real airline stile control.

I was unhappy with the loose throttle and when I heard about fixing both the looseness and the detent I took the plunge. It really wasn’t all that difficult. I stretched the tensioning spring inside the throttle but that may not have been necessary once the detent ridge was filed away. I like the throttle much better now especially near max throttle where the original unit wouldn’t stay in place. Also removing the mid-way detent feels much better… more smooth.

The other ‘fix’ discussed in the thread is the very noisy potentiometers. I’ve not tried those fixes but it does appear that the problems can come back after the fix. There Is a lot of speculation about what the root cause is so it’s not always clear what to fix! Perhaps the best fix is to send the units back to Thrustmaster and maybe they will be motivated to make a better product. It did seem that aggressively exercising the control helped with the noisy signal but that was only temporary. Maybe hitting it would be better?

I’m willing to pay more for a decent product.

I have done the Velcro patch fix on my throttle and it works really well and easy to replace once worn down. It is a little too resistant at first as it wears down but I like it much better.

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Good to know, and a lot easier to implement!

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which side did you use?

Harder or softer side?

Hard side!

There is any fix?

To the setting saving??

Hopefully yes - its supposed to be in SU8 coming soon.

Thank god it doesn’t do that with racing wheels and ffb settings in games, you can spend 20 hours tinkering with those settings. I just have it memorized for the TB now rudder -40 3% dead zone/90% reactivity, elevator -38% 3% dead zone, move zero to -3% and go find a place to fly…


It is, and based on the latest SU8 Beta, it works.

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Thanks for fixing this bug


Thanks for fixing this! Plus the whole Sim is much more stable and more fun because of it.

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It does make it more enjoyable, especially with 8+ configurations for the TB V1 that all have different sensitivity menus. Holds my pedal settings now that run through the HOTAS.

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Issue fixed in Sim Update VIII