X Box Series X with Thrustmaster Hotas ONE Sensitivity Settings DO NOT STAY SAVED

On my X Box Series X with Thrustmaster Hotas ONE, my Sensitivity Settings DO NOT STAY SAVED after restarting the program, so every time I come back to play all my hotas settings are back to default. This does not happen with the X Box Controller–it maintains its Sensitivity Settings after restarting the program.

Is this just me or is it a bug?

Thanks!! Love this simulator otherwise…


make a copy the default profile

edit the new profile with name and whatever settings.

try if the new custom profile stays saved.

Fellow xbox hotas user here. Can i ask what settings you’re using? I’m struggling to find the sweet spot.

He’s correct. Mine does the same thing. It will save the created profile name but it will not keep the sensitivity settings or the reactivity settings.


That’s unfortunate.
This trick helped me on the PC earlier this year with a controller.

I fly on Series S currently and also have a Hotas One for it, but I have yet to try it out. (I fly with Xbox Controller so far, also on PC).

I am experiencing the same problem.

I adjust my settings and exit. If I go immediately back into settings, my adjustments are still there. However, if while still in control settings I temporarily change the profile to the default and then switch back to custom profile the adjustments I made have been reset.


Well, since this ais an officially supported device by MSFS, they should take care of the matter in a future fix for the program. How do we make them aware best ?


Count me in. My sensitivity settings are also not saved. Regardless if using default- or a duplicated profile for the HOTAS.


Same for me, very frustrating.


Something I have noticed is if I don’t quit MSFS and just shut down my console when I restart the sensitivity setting are still the same as I had set them.

Yes count me in one this one. Sensitivity for other devices is saved but not for Hotas. I had hoped that yesterdays update would fix it but nooo.
New on Flight Sim and loving it.

Same for me… The Hotas debacle is a mess and they need to sort it. Supported they said, yeah right!
Many threads and Youtube videos about this. Not good enough.
Xbox Series X- HOTAS One Issues - Self-Service / Peripherals - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums


Me too. Wipes out settings upon new session.

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Same for me!

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I hadn’t noticed this before, but checked it out last night. The same thing is happening to me as well.

I have been looking at quite a few YouTube videos to get up to speed on MSFS and it’s many features.

Huddison goes into detail about how he sets up the sensitivity settings and in the process, does a very clear take-down of Thrustmaster/Microsoft for not saving the setting and for not providing a timely fix.
(CTL-Alt-Delete anyone?


I am experiencing the same issue where sensitivities are not retained.

The settings remain as long as you keep running the sim but as was pointed out in the Huddison video above, the new settings for Reactivity and Extremity Dead Zone are neither implemented nor saved for the Thrustmaster. I played with Reactivity using the xbox controller on the elevator. At very low settings it’s clear that the elevator responds slowly. WIth the Thrustmaster, there is no difference in action with changes in Reactivity. We need at least the basic sensitivity controls to make good use of, what appears to be, the only real flight control options for xbox users.

Bought the HOTAS One and haven’t unboxed it yet cuz I saw this issue. Looking forward to hearing it’s resolved.

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Same for me. Sensitivity doesn’t save.