X Box Series X with Thrustmaster Hotas ONE Sensitivity Settings DO NOT STAY SAVED

Settings just started to be saved. As I mentioned I also had upgraded to the Premium Deluxe version just for the extra planes etc. Don’t know if that did it but all sensitivity settings are being saved now.

No change here - sensitivity settings still not saved.

I have the Premium Deluxe edition, and I doubt that loading additionnal aircrafts will change anything. The “driver” is in the core of FS, so until a hotix/new release published, there is no reason for this bug dissapear.

I initialy install the original, and later the, but this change nothing. As MS/Asobo said, the -15 hotfix correct only some bugs for the PC version, and nothing specific to Xbox.

What version did you have installed ? v ?

i think he is either trolling or confused and the game was put in quick resume, maybe?

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I am having the same issue.

So today my sensitivity settings were lost when I started up. As was mentioned above, while I’m not trolling, I certainly may be confused. I did hit a button for the “resume” not knowing exactly what that was. After a session today, setting my sensitivities I shut down, and restarted and settings were intact. But, with a cold restart and responding to a dialog box to launch without “quick resume” my settings were lost. So yes I’m confused. I don’t really understand the workings of the quick resume stuff. Just plugging along…

@SOUTHERNMEEPLE : Welcome to the forum. Don’t forget to VOTE for this topic (vote button is located at top of thread), this is important if we want a chance to get this issue solved.

The sensitivity thread has only 8 votes now, but sure there is more users having this issue. This is also related to the button assigment problem (49 votes).

@SwungSplash3293 :Yes, that’s what we thought :wink:

What is the QUICK RESUME:
This is a feature that allows you to quickly quit a game, do something else, and later resume the game, exactly where you left off.
On the Xbox, to completely and cleanly quit a game, you must:

  1. Briefly press the XBOX button.
  2. Select the current game in the displayed list, and click on “option” (the button rigth to the capture button on your xbox controller).
  3. Then on the options displayed, select “QUIT”

Otherwise, if you turn off your Xbox, or launch another game, then the system save the state of the current game, and you can later restart where you leave.
When a game start in “QUICK RESUME” mode, it’s displayed at the splashscreen on top right.

You can see the list of the “pending” games, by pressing the Xbox button. In the menu, look at “my applications and games”. Here, you a dedicated group named “QUICK RESUME”, where all games pending are listed.

Hope this help.
But sure, we need a fix for this bug, because QUICK RESUME cannot be a durable solution - and this not solve the button assigment problem.

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Thanks for the info on quick resume and for pointing out the need to vote. I voted here and on the parallel button issue. So much to learn…

Same issue here on Series S. Save modified sensitivities, fly a bit, works great, exit FS app and restart Xbox… sensitivity settings are back to default.

Customized button assignments are preserved, but not customized sensitivities.

It’s a bummer. I’ll try quick resume, but this should be fixed. Tried to VOTE this thread but I have no available votes yet (new to forum).

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Welcome on board :airplane: , have no fear, you are not the only one with this problem, there are several topics that talk about it :joystick:.

:bug: The list of all important bugs/issues affecting the XBOX version (and not only the HOTAS ONE sensitivity/affectation) can be read here.


OMG. I can’t believe this is STILL NOT FIXED. I adore this game. I’ve put in over 100 hours, but it really sucks I haven’t been able to use my rudder pedals as they are pretty much useless without sensitivity settings and with all the crashes to desktop I got sick of resetting them every single time I have to restart the program.

Why promote The Thrustmaster HOTAS if you aren’t going to properly support it? I specifically bought it for MSFS2020!


Not only is it absolutely disgusting that MS/Asobo have allowed the lack of Hotas support to continue unpatched, but they have actively chosen to ignore their community!
The Hotas issue on Xbox has now been going since July. I purchased the Hotas on the basis of a deceit, watching Jorg Neumann - aka Walter Mitty (head of MSFS) on Youtube videos spouting histrionics on how the Hotas was fully supported… But it isn’t, is it. That was a blatant lie. And, it still isn’t fixed. Furthermore, they’ve deleted comments calling them out on said videos.
How easy would this be to hotfix for companies with such resources, seriously?
Yet again, gamers and simmers with opaque rights as digital consumers, treated like idiots and ignored…
But hey, who cares… The only time big publishers respond is when the noise is so deafening they fear for profit margins. That’s ALL they care about.


Why is it so difficult that the Sim does not save the sensitivity I have set and, as a certified product, the Thrustmaster Hotas one should normally be perfectly preset. At least the buttons are all set up so that you can fly straight away. In any case, it would be nice if Asobo would take a look to see why he does not remember the attitude under Sensitivity. You have to reset the values ​​after each restart. costs me 1 minute of lifetime :rofl:

I also sincerely hope that other products may come along too. the Hotas one is not bad, but a Microsoft Sidewinder would also be great.

otherwise the simulator itself is just world class. Thanks for that :+1:


Yes it also does this on the xbox series s as well, very annoying


Like everybody else, I have the same issue. First time I’m posting here, looks like I’m not eligible to vote yet.


Same issue here. Xbox, T Flight Hotas won’t save sensitivity settings. And of course don’t get me started on the mapping issues!

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Thankfully it looks like the mapping issue may be addressed with the next update, i see it listed in the update notes.

As for the issue in this thread, i’m having the same problem and its driving me bonkers. Hopeful they fix this issue soon.

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I’m also having issues with not being able to control the time/weather. I read I work around was to disable other on-line players…but I still couldn’t get that to work last night. So I haven’t yet flown in Europe in the day!

I’m glad they are working on the button mapping issues, but I really hope they fix this very annoying issue as well. I’ve had the game, HOTAS and sensitivity issues since it came out on the XBox X and what a pain!

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hope that it will be fixed with the next update and that the hotas will be supported as it should be for a licensed product. this should not be ignored. In general, the x box pilots shouldn’t be behind the scenes and only be second class pilots compared to pc pilots. Add-ons in particular should be the same for everyone across all platforms.


2 months after release and sensitivity profile save fail, still not solved! That is a joke! A gave up on this sim!