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You’ll need some kind of connection from the Xbox to the internet, either Game Pass or a Live subscription, to play the sim.

Hester is awaiting confirmation whether a subscription or other payment is required to use an X box Series X for MSFS online.

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Just gonna throw a wrench in here… the series s is great. I use it, and have no problems whatsoever with running the game, even in mulitplayer group flights. So the choice is 100% up to you on how much money you want to spend… either way you cant go wrong.

by third-party content do you mean like scenery bought through the marketplace?

It requires Game Pass Core @$9.99/month to play online and buy add-ons. Ultimate just gets you access to way more ‘free’ content(in the MS-sphere, not MSFS). Core replaces the traditional ‘Gold’.

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Cheers. X box series s certainly a lot cheaper.

Im only interested in buying an X box x or s, a controller and MSFS premium deluxe digital download.
Not playing any other games. But dont want to pay any other subscriptions.
This is why i ask the question and hester getting clarification as i have received conflicting advice in the forum on the subscription issue.

I’m fascinated by what the outcome here will be.

I’m getting the sense that PC users can buy the sim and use the Xbox Live infrastructure free of charge, where Xbox users have to have, at least, a Game Pass Core subscription to do what the PC users get to do for free.

As I said, to use the sim on Xbox you need either Game Pass or a Live subscription.

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You might be right !!

Good news and bad news.

Bad news - The retail disc version for PC does not transfer the digital license over to XBox. Only digital purchases of MSFS via the MS Store / XBox Store allow for cross play of the title.

Good news - As long as you use the same account/gamertag when logging in to the XBox, your DLC content will transfer (provided that the content has been added to Series S/X).

You would need to either purchase the standard version of MSFS through the XBox / MS Store or subscribe to Game Pass to get ownership of the standard version for the Series S/X.

As far as XBox Live goes - you can use MSFS without an XBox Live subscription, but this will only give you limited multiplayer functions (weather, traffic, scenery, but not the ability to play multiplayer with other users).


Perfect.Thankyou for your reply


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