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I currently have the PC premium deluxe version using DVDs.
If i purchase an X Box X or X Box S I understand i will have to purchase MSFS again for use in the X box. Is this correct?
My 2nd Question - if so will my marketplace purchases for PC transfer over to my X box account so i can use them on X box?

You will need a subscription for multiplayer:
Xbox Game Pass Core has multiplayer
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has multiplayer

Yes. Assure you use the same Xbox account that was used to purchase the marketplace items.

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If I dont want to fly multiplayer can i just purchase an xbox series s (not series x) and buy msfs premier deluxe - but not pay any subscription fees flying only myself.? Will i still be online but not multiplayer?

Unfortunately, you will still need some type of base subscription. However, if you currently own premium deluxe from your DVD license, I am not sure if that will transfer. I will ask if it will.

Thankyou.I dont want to pay any subscription fees at all hence the question.
Thankyou for asking.

With your DVD version, it does convert to a digital MS Store license. However, are you still required to insert disc 1 while playing?

Another question I have asked is if the DVD license will carry over (I think you are OK with any marketplace purchases though).

Unfortunately, may still need to pay a base subscription and I’m not sure about the DVD license.

Ok thanks.yes i insert disc 1 on pc version

I don’t pay for any base subscription that I’m aware of. Am I misunderstanding what the guy is asking?

I bought MSFS from the MS store when all I had was a PC. I bought many addons through the marketplace (in game). When I later bought an X Box S ( and later still the X which I recommend), everything I had purchased was available to me without extra cost or subscription.

I’m really confused by what you are saying.

I have a request in about this for those with the DVD license.

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Is a x box s not v good compared with x box x?

Yes you understand my question correctly.

For playing MSFS, I would definitely choose the Series X. It has much better default graphics than the Series S and if you tend to fly solo GA then a Series X should do well enough. Note that I turned off all AI traffic in order to have better performance. I also don’t do multiplayer so I didn’t need or want the Game Pass.

I don’t see why you couldn’t also buy a new copy from the Ms Store and have the same experience as me (no need for Game Pass) but maybe there is something that has changed in the rules since I bought my copy and so I think waiting to hear back from Hester40MT would be prudent. You might be able to save $60 to $120.

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100% get the X. Can’t imagine not playing in 4k on a 55" TV. And with MS leaking next year’s plans for the ‘refresh’, you’ll already be set with the current X. And I thought if you owned the game, you owned it across all platforms?

Thanks.Yes that makes sense.

Cost was reason for getting cheaper s box but are right that x version better in long run.Id buy a 2nd copy of msfs

The base sim I think runs similarly on both Xboxes. If you watch some comparison videos, there are (admittedly very rare) times when the S is actually a fraction smoother, because it’s having to render less detail than it’s more powerful brother. The X must work harder because it has a lot more detail to process and shift around the screen (the S’s draw distance is noticeably inferior and it renders objects using fewer levels of detail).

Now, if you start adding third-party content… you’ll definitely need the X. Even the X’s limitations are now showing with the latest push for detail in add-on scenery, so I dread to think how the S is going to cope henceforth.

Thanks very much.Much appreciated.Think ill just look at the x box x.

Did they come back to you saying subscription not necessary?

Still waiting. :slightly_smiling_face: