X Cub display not working

Game version

Display in X Cub is not working after the latest update.

It is either completely black if I enter through the World map, or just not functional if I enter in Alaska bush trip. If I pop it out it is also non-functional.

Screenshot from a quick trip:

Screenshot from bush trip:

I had the same thing and found that I had to remove/disable the GPS mods that I had in my community folder from working title (the G1000, G3000 and G3X). Working title has been updating those in the past 24 hours and posted new mod files for the G3000 but no G3X yet. And for the G1000 you can get that in the in-sim Marketplace actually and it’s their beta for the G1000nxi. Do you have any garmin mods in your community folder that might be interfering?

I don’t have any mods for garmin instruments. I did get the one from the marketplace, but then I disabled it. Might that be the issue? How can I delete any left over file fron that mod, or check gamefiles without having to download all 100 gbs?

After I downloaded the G1000nxi from the marketplace, I also did a full restart of the PC and then the Sim and it worked but I have only done one flight…will try another in the X Cub later today and revert. Working Title said in their notes that the G1000nxi is a beta and it works on their end with a few known bugs but it does work…see their website notes on it and I think they posted a few things on this forum about it if you search the forum posts.