X52 Pro - is it really this awful?

So I did a search, lots of posts about the X52 Pro so people are using it. I had a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro (well, still have it) and wanted to get something “nicer”. I figured, it being a $35 stick that I’ve had quite a few years, some of the buttons are flaky, etc.

Local Microcenter showed an X52 Pro in stock and jumped on it, along with a set of rudder pedals.

Background: I come from racing simulators. I have $4,000 (my cost) tied up in a steering wheel and pedals, and it’s been a while since I’ve used Logitech stuff… but given it was called “Pro”…

But man… I can’t even fly straight. I bought the “FS Academy” VFR lessons at the same time as the X52 and was excited to do the lessons… and I could barely keep the plane between 0-500fps. No matter what I did, just sloppy, all over the place.

I assumed it was hard lessons… until I retried my Logitech 3D… and suddenly I could hand fly straight and level again.

I played around with dead zones, sensitivity, I recalibrated via some registry edits I found on the Logitech support site.

The stick just has zero resistance. It’s jumpy unless I dead zone the hell out of it… then I have a ton of stick movement before the plane responds.

Is this normal or do I have a bad one?

I ordered some little clip to stiffen the spring … but I don’t think I’m gonna bother. I’m just gonna return it this weekend and stick to my old stick until the Honeycomb stuff becomes more readily available.

I have an original Saitek X52 (not Pro) that I’ve had for nearly 20 years. The only issue that I’ve ever had has been the pinkie switch, which can be a little flakey. Cosmetic-wise, the mat coating eventually became gummy, so I took some 91% rubbing alcohol and some cotton balls and just removed it. Other than those two things, it has worked just like it came out of the box.

Oh, and I also recently pulled the throttle apart and removed the detent. Now I like it even better than when it was new!

Logitech x56 is perfect so many buttons right where you need them… trim is on the thumb wheel… yes a wheel and not a button so you can perfect your trim constantly in flight takeoff and landing its perfect. Very stable durable etc… I’ve hd yoke before but I can just put this on the floor after. I useit in vr :slight_smile:

I purchased an x52 for FS and immediately returned it. Never worked correctly and very flimsy etc. I also now have x56 and so much better quality and FS seems to like it a lot more. Good to have a full range of buttons, switches and wheels

I’ve had an Saitek x52 pro 18 years I think
Yeah it’s a little sloppy in the centre but dang it’s been a great stick
So many wheels and buttons and functions to program!

However now after using the Alpha and Bravo I could never go back to it!

I have a Logitech version of X52 Pro since last summer, replacing my very old Sidewinder Force Feedback from FS2k2 times and do not have problems with that new one. Flying is great for GA or jets. Sometimes the center spring(s) feels even too stiff for me.

I did set up one of the dials on the throttle to be a trim axis… which was definitely cool.

But is this thing supposed to have the resistance of a piece of loose rope?

The VFR lesson had me “descend at 400fpm”… I basically varied between 0 and 800 and was up/down/up/down as any movement of the stick was just all over the place. I couldn’t “feel” the center point. The instant I went back to the old Extreme 3D… smooth and stable.

Had this been a real plane my passengers and I all would’ve puked everywhere lol.

Maybe something is just wrong with my particular X52 Pro. Either way, it’s going back. Going to return the rudder pedals too - the “centering” mechanism is sticky. It kinda “clicks in” which is fine but you have to push to get them off the “centering” and then it’s OMGYAWRATE. Adjusting the tension didn’t seem to help much.

Maybe I’ll look for a X56 at some point, if I give up waiting on a Honeycomb setup. For now I guess I’ll just assume that I’m spoiled using high end racing gear.

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I have the Saitek X52 pro for almost 2 decades now and I do not recognise your experience.
The only thing that I discovered in DCS was a sloppy rudder function. ( wich is operated by twisting the stick.
After a little research on the internet it turned out to be a dirty potentiometer.
Solution was simple and took me less then 20 minutes
I partly disassembled the stick, spray it with contact spray, spend a few minutes twisting left to right ( x 50 or so) blew it al dry with compressed air, re-assemled the stick and… problem solved.
I have the feeling that the throttle developes some thing alike so I have of job to do I think.

Maybe the current Logitech rendition of the X52 is what’s bad?

Seems the guys that love the X52 have had theirs forever?

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The X56 do have a more sloppy center compared to Logitech Extreme 3D. I like all the buttons though.

My X52 Pro is fine too, bought ~12-15 years ago, branded Saitek at that time. The centerpoint has loosened a bit over the years, I used to have a null deadzone but nowadays I’m putting a few percent to avoid slow up- or downdraft. I love the programming interface (despite Logitech making it a stupid fixed-size window :triumph:) and use it daily between MSFS (GA mostly), DCS and E:D without a hitch.
Maybe the new Logitech-manufactured ones are not on par with the previous versions by Saitek/MadCatz ?

Shame. Oh well. Returned tonight.

I still have my old Saitek X52 Pro, I mounted both pieces, the Joystick and the Throttle, on a rectangular piece of oak board, and found a short cable to connect them both. They work just fine, and they are very precise after 15 years, I use a AH Yoke and an MFG Pedals now, but they are ready if I want to setup another machine .

I have an old Saitek X52 that I got for FSX 10+ years ago. Works great. Seeing a lot of similar reports in here, too… Maybe the build quality has gone down since then?

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My X52 is 20+ years old and it was only these days i started thinking of buying a new one. Not sure if i’ll do since the X52 is still working flawlessly. Just like some other people around the flightsim community, i also think they were better hardware when logitech wasn’t in the way.

I love this joystick, great with the rudder pedals too, however no driver or firmware updates for 4.75 years for Windows is pretty terrible support. The download says it doesn’t work for Windows 11 (it does however). Seems like they don’t care about improving their software. Poor show Logitech.