X52 Pro MFD Flight Sim 2020


I’ve had this stick since the release of Flight Sim X and I recall it used to display information on the MFD that I could adjust on the fly and will reflect in game. I’ve tried to use the stick after a few years of not playing with 2020 and although the stick works, no info is displayed on the MFD.

Is this a bug or do I need 3rd party software?


I have the same stick and no sim info such as Coms is displayed either. The last time is showed any info was when I used it with FSX, and had the X52 Pro software profile set up for FSX.

I believe this is initially set up via loading and setting the profile first within the Logitec\Saitek software, but I haven’t had time to check this out yet.

I don’t recall any setting when first starting up logitech software. I will have a look today too.

isnt supported anymore because its based on windows xp i have heard. The software dosnt work well since win vista and i can only use the clock and the timer now.

Yes, you do.


Thanks, this worked! I now have all the information displayed on my MFD.

Actually all it displays is a generic figure which can not be changed or it does not reflect what settings the plane has. if anyone knows how to fix this please let me know.


I am also interested…

I am also interested

Any news about radio plugin for X52Pro?

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The plugins allow to have different information on the MFD.
Does not display radio.

Espero que esto os guste https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1HaUaYWLeo

How has he got it working?

Yo utilizo los drivers para Windows XP de Saitek, concretamente los drivers de la version de 64 bits para fsx, que son perfectamente compatibles con Windows 10:

  • Saitek_X52Pro_Flight_Controller_SD6_64.exe
  • SST_Software_64_6_6_6_9.exe.

Luego hay que instalar tres “SimConnect.msi” de las versiones anteriores de Flight simulator X
y por último aplicar un pequeño cambio en el registro de windows 10:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

Las otras ventanas que veis en el MFD, junto con los controles de leds, son una aplicación
que he creado en Visual Basic 6 para dar una utilidad completa al MFD.
Mi aplicación es la encargada de llamar a “SaiFlightSimX.exe”.

After trying A LOT of Logitech drivers and plugin combo, I think I finally found the solution to get the MFD working.

You have to download an older driver for the X52 Pro, the version X52_Professional_HOTAS_x64_8_0_150_0

Then download the last version of the Logitech Control Panels plugin, MSFS_Plugin_x64_Software_8.0.313.0

(All are available on logitech support pages).

Then, remove any previous X52 Pro dirvers, install FIRST the plugin and then install the X52 Pro driver.

After that, everything should work as planned. I have a working MFD, with radios and all showing correctly the data from in-game and all adjustable in panel directly.

This combo has been tested with SIM 5 update to MSFS200.


P.S. I’m NOT using the profiler from Logitech, since it creates problems when using it in combo with MFD plugin. Your experience though may vary

I just tried this and now nothing displays on the MFD. It just tells you what buttons you pressed and you have no other screens to change to such as Radio etc. Before I had these showing but could not do anything and the details were not showing correctly.

It looks like the plug in isn’t running correctly. Try to un install it and then install it again (plug in only).

Meant “plugin”.